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September 1978.-.--George viscount Blechingly. Frederick Standart.-.--Sir
Trentbam; eldest son of earl Gower.-- Robert Clayton.
George viscount Chewton ; eldest som

Ryegate. John Yorke.-.--Sir Charles of earl Waldegrave.

Cocks. Tamworth. Thomas de Grey; only son Guilford. George Onslow.--Sir F. Nor

of lord chief justice de Grey ; one of ton ; again chosen Speaker. the grooms of his majesty's bedcham- Gatton. Sir William Mayne ; made ber; made a commissioner of trade and

bis election for Canterbury.--- Robert plantations ; a new writ orderedl, June

Mayne; brother to sir William Mayne ; 5, 1777, he was re-elected.-- Edward

a banker in London.--- Robert Scott; Thurlow; on the 2d of June 1778, bis made his election for Wotton Basset... majesty was pleased to create him baron William Adam. Thorlow of Asbfield in the county of

Haslemere. Sir Merrick Burrell.-- ThoSussex, and the next day he was appointed lord high chancellor of Great

mas M. Molyneux ; died, and the Britaio; a new writ ordered, June 5,

Speaker issued bis warrant to the clerk 1778.-- Anthony Chamier; deputy se

of the crown for a new writ, October

1776.-- Peter Burrell. cretary at war; appointed under secretary to lord viscount Weymouth, one Sussex. Sir Thomas S. Wilson; has a comof his majesty's principal secretaries of

pany in the foot guards, and aid-dustate.

camp to the king ; made colonel of SUFFOLK. Rowland Holt.--Sir C.T. Bunbury.

a regiment of foot.-- Lord George H.

Lenox; made a lieutenant-general in Ipswich. Thomas Staunton.---William

August 1777. Wollaston.

Chichester. William Keppel ; made a Dunwich. Miles Barne; made steward

lieutenant-general in May 1772, and of the three Chiltero Hundreds in the

colonel of a regiment of dragoons in county of Buckingham ; a new writ 1775.--Thomas Conolly, ordered, 1777.--Barne Barne...

Horsham. James Wallace; made soliGerrard W. Van Neck ; succeeded his father as baronet in 1777.

citor-general to his majesty ; a new

writ ordered, June 5, 1778, be was reOrford. Francis viscount Beauchamp; elected; made solicitor-general to bis made cufferer of the household ; a new majesty ; a new writ ordered, June writ ordered,

January 28, 1780, he was 1780, he was re-elected.----Jeremiah re-elected.-- Robert S. Conway.

Dyson ; cofferer of the bousehold; Aldborough. Thomas Fonnereau ; died, died, and the Speaker issued bis wara new writ ordered, May 22, 1779.-

rapt to the clerk of the crown for a new Martin Fonnereau.-- Richard Combe.

writ, September 1776.-- Charles earl of Sudbury. Thomas Fonnereau; not duly Drogbeda ; of the kingdom of Ireland;

elected.-- Sir Patrick Blake; duly elect- a major-general, and colonel of a regied, and ought to have been returned.-- ment of dragoons ; master-general of Philip C. Crespigney; not duly elected. • the ordnance; constable of Marybo.-Sir Walden Hanmer ; duly elected, rough castle in Ireland. and ought to bave been returned.

Midhurst. Herbert Mackworth ; made Eye. Jobn St. Jobp; brother of viscount

his election for Cardiff ; a new writ orBolingbroke; made surveyor-general dered, December 20, 1774.--Henry S. of the crown lands; a new writ ordered, Conway ; second son of the earl of

1775, he was re-elected.-- Rich. Hertford; clerk of the hanaper in IreB. Phillipson ; made colonel of a regi- laod, and constable of Dublin castle.-ment of dragoons in 1731.

Clement Tudway; made his election St. Edmund's Bury. A. Joho Hervey ;

for Wells; a new writ ordered, Desucceeded bis brotber as earl of Bristol;

cember 20, 1774.--John Ord; made a pew writ ordered, March 1775.--H.

attorney-general of the duclıy of LanS. Conway ; brother to the earl of flert

caster ; a new writ ordered, December ford; a general in the army ; colonel

1777, he was re-elected ; made a master of the royal regiment of horse guards,

in chancery in March 1778. On the

death of sir Charles Whitworth, he was and governor of the island of Jersey.-Sir Charles Davers; a captain in the

appointed chairıpan of the committees army on half-pay.

of ways and means.

Sir Thomas Miller.---Thomas SURREY. James Scawen.--Sir Francis Vio

Hay. cent; died, a new writ ordered, May Shoreham. Charles Goring.---Sir John 1775.--Sir Josepb Mawbey.

Shelley ; treasurer of the household; Southwark.

Henry Thrale...Nathaniel keeper of the records in the Tower, and Polbill.

clerk of the pipe in the Exchequer.



Bramber. Thomas Thoroton.--Sir Henry earl of Radoor, not duly elected.--RoGough.

bert Shaftoe ; duly elected, and ought Steyning. Thomas E. Freeman..-Filter to have been returned. Honywood.

Hindon. Richard Smith; not duly electEast Grinsted. Lord George S. Ger- ed, 1774, and the House ordered

maine.-- John Irwin ; in 1775, made that no new writ should be issued ; a commander in cbief of the land forces writ ordered, May 9, 1776..-Ricbaru in Ireland ; governor of Kilmainham

not duly elected, a new writ hospital, and sworn of the privy counsel ordered, February 1777.--Arch. Macthere; in 1776 made a knight of the donald ; king's counsel at law.-- Thobath.

mas Brand Hollis ; not duly elected, Arundel. Thomas Brand.-- George L.

1774, and the House ordered Newnham; one of his majesty's coun

that uo new writ should be issued ; a sellors at law.

new writ ordered, May 9, 1776.--Henry

WARWICKSHIRE. Sir Charles Holte.--Thomas
G. Skipwith.

Heytesbury. William Gordon ; brother

to the earl of Aberdeen ; a lieutenantCoventry. Walter Waring ; died, a new

colonel in the army; made colonel of a writ ordered, December 1779.--John B.

regiment of foot; made a groom of the Holroyd ; lieutenant-colonel-commau

bedchamber to his majesty; a new writ dant of a regiment of light horse.--Ed

or lered, March 1775, he was re-elected. ward Roe Yeo.

.-W. A'Court Ashe. Warwick. Charles F. Greville; one of the commissioners of the admiralty.-

M'estbury. Thomas F. Wenman; bro

ther of viscount Wenman..- Nathaniel Robert F. Greville ; second brother to

Bayley; made steward or bailiff of the the earl of Warwick; a lieutepant in three Chiltern Hundreds in the county the foot guards.

of Buckingham ; a new writ ordered, WESTMORELAND. Sir James Lowther; made

1779,-- Samuel Estwick ; agent his election for Cumberland ; a new

for the island of Barbadoes. writ ordered, December 1774.--James Calne. John Dunning.-- Isaac Barré. Lowther.--Sir Michael Le Fleming.

Devizes. James Sutton.--Charles Garth. Appleby. George Johnstone ; a captain

Chippenham. Sir Edward Bayn. Rolt.-in the nary.--Pbilip Monywood.

Samuel Marsh. WILTSHIRE. Charles Penruddock.-- Ambrose Malmesbury. Charles Jas. Fox; brother Goddard,

to lord Holland; made clerk of the pells New Sarum. J. Pleydell, viscount Folk

in Ireland; a new writ ordered, No. stone; succeeded as earl of Radnor, a vember 17, 1774, he was re-elected; new writ ordered, February 1776.--W. made sleward of the three Cbiltern H. Bouverie ; brother to the earl of Hundreds in the county of BuckingRadnor.-- William Hussey.

ham; a gew wril ordered, 1774, he was Wilton. Henry Herbert; on the disso

re-elected ; receiver-general of South Jution of this parliament he was created

Wales, and captain of Walmer castle in baron Portchester of Higbclere in the

the county of Kent.-- William Strahan

3 county of Southampton, and since that

printer to his wajesty. earl of Carnarvon.--Nicholas Herbert;

Cricklude. Arnold Nesbitt; died, a new died, a new writ ordered, February writ ordered, April 1770.--.-.-John 1775.---Charles Herbert ; brother of M.Pherson.--- William Earle; a new Henry Herbert, a captain in the navy ;

writ ordered, December 20, 1774.--this be resigned in 1776 ; made one

John Dewar. Sam. Peach ; the com. of the grooms of his majesty's bed

mittee found it a void election ; a new chamber; a new writ ordered, June 5, writ ordered, February 21, 1775.-.Sa. 1777, he was re-elected,

muel Peach ; a director of the East Downton. Thomas Duncombe; not duly

Jodia Company: pot duly elected.-elected.--Sir Pbilip Hales; groom of

Jolo Dewar; duly elected, and ought

to have been returned.
bis majesty's bedchamber; duly elect-
ed, and ought to have been returned --

Great Bedwin. James earl of Courtown;
Thomas Dummer; not duly elected... of Ireland; made steward of the three
John Cooper; duly elected, and ought

Chiltern Hundreds, in the county of to have been returned ; died, and the Buckingham ; a new writ ordered, DeSpeaker issued bis warrant to the clerk cember 4, 1774.--James viscount Cranof the crown to make out a new writ, bourn ; only son of the earl of SalisAugust 25, 1779.-- Thomas Duncombe; bury, lord lieutenant and custos rotulodied, a new writ ordered, November rum of Hertfordshire.-- Paul Methuen. 1779.--Barth. Bouwerie ; brother to the Luggershall. Penystone, lord Melbourne;

created viscount Melbourne in Ireland,
December 23, 1780; made one of the
gentlemen of the bedchamber to the
prince of Wales, November 30, 1783.--
Lord George Gordon ; second brother
to the duke of Gordon.
Old Sarum. Thomas Pitt. ---Pinckney

Wotton Busset. Robert Scott..--Henry

St. Jobn; made a groom of bis ma-
jesty's bedchamber; a new writ order-

ed, May 6, 1771, be was re-electeil. Marlborough. Sir James T. Long.--.

James Brudepell; on the dissolution of
this parliament, he was created baron
Brudenell of Dean in the county of
Northampton, since earl of Cardigan by

succession. WORCESTERSHIRE. Edward Foley.--W. Dow

deswell; died, a new writ ordered, Fe

bruary 1774.--William Lygon. Worcester. John Walsh -- Thomas Bates

Droitu ich. Andrew Foley.-.-Thomas

Foley, jun.; succeeded his father as
lord Foley ; a new writ ordered, No.
vember 1777.--- Edward Winnington;
eldest son of sir Edward Winnington,

bart. and brother-in-law to lord Foley. Eresham. Henry Seymour --John Rusli

out. Beadley. William Henry Lyttelton ;

uncle to lord Lyttelton; created lord Westcote in Ireland, July 2, 1776 ; made one of the commissioners of the treasury; a new writ ordered, June 5,

1777, he was re-elected. YORKSHIRE. Edwin Lascelles.---Sir George

York. Lord Jobn Cavendish.--Charles

Kingston-upon-Hull. Lord Robert Man-

ners ;l died, a new writ ordered, May 31, 1782.--David Hartley. Knaresborough. R. B. Walsingham.-

Sir Anthony T. Abdy; died, a new writ ordered, April 1775.-

Lord George A. Cavendish; second brother to the duke

of Devopsbire. Scarborough. Sir Hugh Palliser; comp

troller of the navy; a captain in the navy, and governor of Scarborough castle ; made a rear-admiral in October 1770, and a vice-admiral in 1778; made a commissioner of the admiralty ; a new writ ordered, April 2, 1775, he was re-elected ; in 1775 made lieutenantgeneral of maripes; made steward of the three Chiltern Hundreds in the county of Buckingham ; a new writ ordered, February 19, 1779.--Charles Phipps; brother to lord Mulgrave; a

captain in the navy.--George earl of

Tyrconnel. Rippon. William Aislabie.--Charles Al

lanson; died, and the Speaker issued bis warrant to the clerk of the crown for a new writ, October 2, 1775.--Wil

liam Lawrence. Richmond. William Norton.---Tbomas

Dundas ; made his election for the county of Stirling ; a new writ orderell, December 20, 1774.-- Charles Dundas; nepbew to sir Laurence Dundas,

bart. a coupsellor at law. Heydon. Sir Charles Saunders ; died, a

new writ ordered, December 7, 1775.-Lewis T. Watson ; eldest son of lord

Sondes.--Beilby Thompson. Borough-Bridge. Charles Mellish; made

bis election for Pontefract; a new writ issued, March 6, 1775.-- William Phil. lips; a captain in the royal regiment of artillery ; a colonel in the army, and lieutenant-governor of Windsor castle.-

Anthony Eyre. Malton. Edmund Burke ; made bis

election for Bristol ; a new writ ordered, November 30, 1774.--William Wed

dell.--Savile Fioch. Thirske. Sir Toomas Frankland; admi.

ral of the blue.-- Thomas Frankland;

son of sir Thomas Frankland. Aldborough. Charles Wilkinson ; made

steward of the three Chiltern Hundreds in the county of Buckingham, a new writ ordered, 1777.---William Baker.--- Abel Smith; made steward of the three Chiltern Hundreds in the county of Buckingham ; a new writ ordered, 1778.--William Hanger; brother to lord Coleraine of Ireland; in

this parliament before for East Retford. Beverley. Sir James Pennyman..- Geo.

Forster Tuffaell. Northallerton. Henry Pierse.--- Daniel

Lascelles. Pontefruct. Sir John Goodricke.--Chas. Meilisb.

CINQUE PORTS. Hastings. Henry viscount Palmerston ;

a commissioner of the admiralty.--C. Jenkinson ; oue of the vice-treasurers of Ireland ; made clerk of the pells in Ireland; a new writ ordered, October 27,

1775, he was re-elected. Dover. Johạ Henniker.-- Joho Treva

pion. Sandwich. Philip Stepbens.----William

Hay; made a commissioner of the customs; a new writ ordered, 1776. .-Charles Brett; before in this parlia

mept for Lestwithiel. Hythe. William Evelyo; captain of Wal

mer castle.--Sir Charles Faraaby.


New Romney. Sir Edward Deering -- Cardiff. Herbert Mackworth ; created

Richard Jackson ; made a commis. baronet of Great Britain, August 3 sioner of the treasury; a new writ or

1776. dered, July 8, 1782, he was re-elected.

MERIONETHSHIRE. Evan Lloyd Vaughan. Rye. Middleton Onslow; made steward of the manor of East Hendred in the MONTGOMERYsuire. William Mostyn Owen county of Berks; a new writ ordered, Montgomery. Whitshed Keene ; br 1775.--Thoinas Onslow ; eldest

ther-in-law to the earl of Dartmout sou of lord Onslow and Cranley.--Rose and secretary to the lord chamberlain Fuller; died, a new writ ordered, May

the household. 8, 1777.--William Dickenson.

PEMBROKESHIRE. Hugh Owen ; made los Winchelsea. Arnold Nesbitt; made bis lieutenant of the county.

election for Cricklade; a new writ or-
dered, February 21, 1775...-William

Pembroke. Hugh Owen.
Nedbam.---Charles W. Cornwall; a Haterford West. William lord Kensing
commissioner of the treasury, and on
the dissolution of this parliament made RADNORSHIRE. Chase Price; died, and th
chief justice in Eyre, north of Trent.

Speaker issued bis warrant to the cler Seaford. W. Hall, viscount Gage.--Geo- of the crown for a new writ, July 1777 Medley.

.. Thomas Johnes, sen, ; custos rotulo WALES.

rum of the county of Glamorgan; died

a new writ ordered, June 1780.--The ANGLESEY. Thomas James, viscount Bulke

mas Johnes ; son of the late member ley ; of Ireland ; made lord lieutenant made auditor or receiver-general of th and custos rotulorum of the county of customs of Wales; a new writ ordered Carparpon.

May 25, 1781, he was re-elected. Beaumaris. Sir Hugh Williams.

Radnor. John Lewis ; not duly elected

--Edward Lewis ; duly elected, an BRECONSHIRE. Charles Morgan.

ought to have been relurned. Brecon. Charles Van; died, a new writ ordered, April 9, 1778.--Charles Gould;

judge advocate.general to the land-

forces; he was knighted in 1778;
made chamberlain of the town and bo-

Aberdeen. Alexander Garden.
rough of Brecon, and counties of Bre- Ayr. Sir Adam Ferguson.
con, Radnor, and Glamorgan.

Argyle. Adam Livingstone ; second son CARDIGANSHIRE. Wilmot, viscount Lisburne;

of sir James Livingstone. created earl of Lisburne, July 16, 1776. Banff: James, earl Fife. Cardigan. Sir Robert Smilli ; not duly Berwick. James Pringle.-- Sir John Pa

elected.-- Thomas Joynes, jun.; duly terson; son-in-law to the earl of Marchelected, and ought to have been re.

mont. turned; made steward of the manor of Bute and Caithness. James Stuart; seEast Hendred in the county of Berks; cond son of the earl of Bute; majora new writ ordered, June 1780, he was

commandant of a regiment of foot. elected for the county of Radnor.--John

Clackmannun and Kinross. Ralph AberCampbell.

crombie ; lieutenant-colonel of dra. CARMARTHENSHIRE. George Rice; died, and goons. the Speaker issued his warrant for a

Cromurtie und Nairn. Cosmo Gordon ; new writ to the clerk of the crowo, Au

made a baron of the court of Exchequer gust 20, 1779.--John Vaughan.

in Scotland; a new writ ordered, March Carmarthen. John Adams.

1777.--John Caropbell. CARNARVONSHIRE, Thomas Asheton Smith.

Dumfries. Robert Laurie; eldest son of Carnarvon. Glyon Wyon.

sir Robert Laurie, bart.; a

peral; succeeded his father as baronet. DENBIGHSHIRE. Sir Watkin Williams Wynne. Dunbarton. Sir Archibald Edmonstone. Denbigh. Richard Myddelton.

Edinburgh. Henry Dundas; solicitor. FLINTSHIRE. Sir Roger Mostyn.

general for Scotland ; made lord advoFlint. Sir Joho Glyone; died, a new

cate for Scotland ; a new writ ordered, writ ordered, June 5, 1777.---Watkin

May 1775, he was re-elected; made Williams.

joint keeper of the sigoet for Scotland;

a new writ ordered, March 1777, he was GLAMORGANSHIRE. George Venables Vernon; re-elected; made keeper of the signet

succeeded his father as lord Vernon, for Scotland ; a new writ ordered, June August 21, 1780.

3, 1779, he was re-elected.

Elgin. Arthur Duff; fourth brother to Ross. James Stuart Mackenzie. earl Fife; made comptroller of the ex

Roxburgh. Sir Gilbert Elliot; died, a cise in Scotland ; a new writ ordered,

new writ ordered, February 1777.--Sir April 2, 1779.-- Lord William Gordon;

Gilbert Elliot; eldest son of the deDext brother to the duke of Gordon ; ceased member; in this parliament bedeputy ranger of St. James's and Hyde

fore for Morpetli. parks.

Selkirk. Jobo Priogle. Fife. John Scott ; made a major-ge

Stirling. Thomas Dundas. neral; died, a new writ ordered, De

Sutherland. James Wemyss. cember 1775.--James Townshend Os. wald; secretary to the Leeward islands; Wigton. Keith Stewart; brother to the made auditor of the Exchequer in Scot. earl of Galloway; a captain in the land ; a new writ ordered, June 2,

navy. 1779.-- Robert Skene; a major-general; Edinburgh City. Sir Lawrence Dundas. baggage-master, and inspector of the roads in Scotland ; this last office was BURGHS OF created since the year 1704, and on Kirkwall, &c. James Grant; made cothat account the committee who tried

lonel of a regiment of foot in December the petition against this election found

1775, and a major general in August that Robert Skene, esq. was not eligible

1777. to be elected, and that Jobn Henderson,

Inverness, 8c, Hector Munro; made a esq. the petitioner, was duly elected,

colonel in the army in August 1777 ; and ought to have been returned, Fe. bruary 7, 1780.--John Henderson ; el.

made a knight of the bath in 1780. dest son of sir Robert Henderson, bart.

Elgin, &c. Staats Long Morris ; a co

lonel in the army; made a major-geForfar. William earl Panmure.

heral in August 1777; made colonel of Haddington. Sir George Suttie ; made a regiment of foot in August 1778.

steward of the manor of East Hendred Aberdeen, 8c. Thomas Lyon; made in the county of Berks; a new writ or- steward of the manor of East Hendred dered, May 9, 1777... William Nesbitt. in the county of Berks; a new writ or

dered, 1778.--Adam Drummond ; Inverness. Simon Fraser ; a lieutenant.

a banker in London; in this parliament general in 1772, and in 1775 colonel of

before for St. Ives. a regiment of foot. Kincardine. Lord Adam Gordon; uncle

Forfar, &c. George Dempster. to the duke of Gordon; colonel of a

Cruil, &c. Philip Anstruther ; eldest son regiment of foot, and a major-general; of sir John Anstruther, bart. ; a lieumade a lieutenant-general in 1777 ; tevant of dragoons; made steward of made governor of Tinmouth castle in the three Chiltern Hundreds ; a new 1778.

writ ordered, November 20, 1777.--Kirkcudbright. William Stewart.

George Damer ; eldest son of lord MilLonark. Andrew Stuart ; made joint keeper of the signet; a new writ order

Kirkuldy, 8c. John Jobnstone. ed, March 1777, he was re-elected ; Inverkeithing, &c. Archibald Campbell ; made a commissioner of trade and plan.

a lieutenant-colonel in the army. tations; a new writ ordered, June 3, Glasgow, &c. Lord Frederick Campbell. 1779, he was re-elected.

Selkirk, &c. Sir James Cockburne. Linlithgow. Sir William Augustus Cup

Haddington, &c. John Maitland; made ningham

lieutenant-colonel of a regiment of foot ; Orkney. Thomas Dundas, jun.; made a died, at Savannah in North America; a lieutenant-colonel in the army.

new writ ordered, November 1779.-Peebles. James Montgomery; made lord

Francis Charteris; only son of the bochief baron of the court of Exchequer

nourable Francis Cbarieris, and grandin Scotland ; a new writ ordered, May

son of the late earl of Wemyss. 25, 1775.-- Adam Hay; died, a new Dumfries, 8c. William Douglas. writ ordered, November 1775.-- Sir Ro

Wigton, &c. William Norton; eldest son bert Murray Keith; his majesty's am

of sir Fietcher Norton, kot. ihe Speaker bassador extraordinary and plenipoten- in last parliament; minister to the Swiss tiary at Vienna, and a colonel in the

Cantons ; not duly elected..--Heory army; made a major.general in 1777. Watkin Dashwood; eldest son of sir Perth. James Murray; made governor

James Dashwood, bart. ; duly elected, of Fort William in Scotland.

and ought to bave been returned. Renfrew. John Craufurd; chamberlain Ayr, 8c. Sir George Macartney ; sonof the county of Fife.

in-law to the earl of Bute ; made go


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