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7s Ingemuit totus orbis, et Arianum seese miratus est. Hieronym. adv. Lucifer, toin. i. p. 145.

76 The story of the council of Rimini is very elegantly told by Sulpicius Severus (Hist. Sacra, l. ii. p. 419–430. edit. Ludg. Bat. 1647.), and by Jerom, in his dialogue against the Luciferians. The design of the latter is to apologize for the condušt of the Latin bishops, who were deceived, and who repented.

putes, 77 Eusebius, in Vit. Constant. l. ii. c. 64–72. The principles of

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to jeration and religious indifference, contained in this epistle, have given great offence to Baronius, Tillemont, &c. who suppose that the emperor had some evil counsellor, either Satan or Eusebius, at his elbow. Ste Jortin's Remaiks, tom. ii. p. 183.


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7° Eusebius, in Vit. Conslantin. I. i.i. c. 13. language,

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