Geological Survey of Michigan

authority of the Legislature of Michigan under the direction of the Board of Geological Survey, 1900 - 67 Seiten

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Seite 69 - ... (The weight of the material left in the crucible is coke.) Determination of Ash, — Burn the portion of powdered coal used for the determination of moisture, at first over a very low flame, with the crucible open and inclined, till free from carbon. If properly treated this sample can be burned much more quickly than the dense carbon left from the determination of volatile matter.
Seite 371 - ... (10.58 oz.). The rod, which can be held in any desired position by a screw (F) carries an indicator, which moves over a scale (graduated to centimeters) attached to the frame (K). The paste is held by a conical, hard-rubber ring (I), 7 cm.
Seite 22 - Common in the shafts sunk in the cupriferous rocks in the northern part of the state — as well as in the slate and quartzyte group of Pigeon point.
Seite 49 - CaCO, per litre. Now the analyses of waters from Michigan show a content of calcium carbonate from .175 to .250 grams per litre With this in mind it can easily be seen that the carbonated waters of our springs and marl lakes are generally far below the point of precipitation.
Seite 22 - SEGER'S PYRAMIDS. These consist of different mixtures of kaolin and fluxes, which are compounded so that there shall be a constant difference between their fusing points. Seger's series were numbered from 1 to 20, and the difference between their fusing points is 36° F. A later series, introduced by Cramer, runs from .01 to .022 with a difference of 54° F. between their fusing points. The higher numbers of the cones have also been extended up to 36. These pyramids have been recently recalibrated,...
Seite 74 - The flame should be fully 20 cm. high when burning free, and the determination should be made in a place free from draughts. The upper surface of the cover should burn clear, but the under surface should remain covered with carbon. To find Volatile Combustible Matter, subtract the per cent.
Seite 81 - Percentage of moisture in steam per cent 2-5. Number of degrees superheated deg. WATER. 26. Total weight of water pumped into boiler and apparently evaporated Ibs. 27. Water actually evaporated, corrected for quality of steam. Ibs. 28. Equivalent water evaporated into dry steam from and at 212
Seite 66 - ... information is available, excepting the analysis of a representative sample of the extensive deposit of pink clay near Sault Ste. Marie, given above. In a summary of the results of Kies's investigations of the shales and clays of Michigan, already referred to several times. AN Clark remarks as follows:" For use in the manufacture of Portland cement the shales of the Coldwater series are l>est adapted.
Seite 24 - ... when this temperature has penetrated the cone. It is not advisable to use a cone a second time, in case it has not bent over in a previous burning. Such cones are apt to bend at a lower temperature. In porcelain manufacture, cones of the same composition as the glaze on the ware are sometimes used. These cones can be obtained for about one cent each from Prof. E. Orton, Jr., Ohio State University, Columbus, O. SLAKING OP CLAYS.

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