Technical Gas and Fuel Analysis

McGraw-Hill, 1913 - 276 Seiten

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Seite 206 - BaSO4 in a weighed platinum, porcelain, silica or alundum crucible, allowing a free access of air by folding the paper over the precipitate loosely to prevent spattering. Smoke the paper off gradually and at no time allow it to burn with flame. After the paper is practically consumed, raise the temperature...
Seite 108 - The thermometers are then whirled rapidly for fifteen or twenty seconds, stopped, and quickly read, the wet bulb first. This reading is kept in mind, the psychrometer immediately whirled again, and a second reading taken. This is repeated three or four times, or more if necessary, until at least two successive readings of the wet bulb are found to agree very closely, thereby showing it has reached its lowest temperature.
Seite 228 - ... the corrections from the certificate have already been applied, gives the total rise of temperature due to the combustion. This multiplied by the water equivalent of the calorimeter gives the total amount of heat liberated. This result, corrected for the heats of formation of...
Seite 201 - C.), as determined by placing a thermocouple through the perforated cover, which for this purpose may be of nickel or asbestos. The junction of the couple should be placed in contact with the center of the bottom of the crucible; or the temperature may be indicated by the fusion of pure potassium chromate in the covered crucible (fusion of K2Cr04, 940° C.).
Seite 108 - The evaporation of the water from the muslin leaves always in its meshes a small quantity of solid material, which, sooner or later, somewhat stiffens the muslin so that it does not readily take up water. This will be the case if the muslin does not readily become wet after being dipped in water. On this account it is desirable to use as pure water as possible, and also to renew the muslin from time to time. New muslin should always be washed to remove sizing, etc., before used. A small rectangular...
Seite 205 - ... hour, with occasional stirring. Filter and wash the insoluble matter by decantation. After several washings in this manner, transfer the insoluble matter to the filter and wash five times, keeping the mixture well agitated.
Seite 205 - Heat the crucible, placed in a slanting position on a triangle, over a very low flame to avoid rapid expulsion of the volatile matter, which tends to prevent complete absorption of the products of combustion of the sulfur.
Seite 109 - ... slight but very regular action of the wrist, in harmony with the whirling thermometers. The rate should be a natural one, so as to be easily and regularly maintained. If too fast, or irregular, the thermometers may be jerked about in a violent and dangerous manner. The stopping of the psychrometer, even at the very highest rates, can be perfectly accomplished in a single revolution, when one has learned the knack. This is only acquired by practice, and consists of a quick swing of the forearm...
Seite 202 - Burn the portion of powdered coal used for the determination of moisture, at first over a very low flame, with the crucible open and inclined, till free from carbon. If properly treated, this sample can be burned much more quickly than the dense carbon left from the determination of volatile matter.
Seite 200 - The flame should be fully 20 cm high when burning free, and the determination should be made in a place free from draughts. The upper surface of the cover should burn clear, but the under surface should remain covered with carbon.

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