Mineral Resources of the United States, Part 2, Issue 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - Mineral industries

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Page 1561 - In either case the draft caused by the combustion of the fuel draws the flame up through the shaft in direct contact with the lime and stone and the gases formed pass out the top of the hopper. To increase this natural draft a stack is sometimes placed on top of the kiln. Forced or induced draft, or a combination of both, is also in common use.
Page 1405 - Bull. 213, pp. 366-370. 1903. 25c. LEIGHTON, HENRY, and BASTIN, ES Road materials of southern and eastern Maine. Bull. 33, Office of Public Roads, Department of Agriculture. 1908. (May be obtained from Department of Agriculture.) PURDUE, AH The slates of Arkansas.
Page 1574 - ... long, narrow, horizontal wooden box, in which is revolved a shaft with pins projecting from it. The hydrated lime flows from the bin into the box. The pins convey it along the box and keep it stirred up to prevent its sticking. Along the bottom of the box are several openings, which may be closed by means of a lever and which when open connect with a long muffleshaped chute. The bag to be filled is connected to the chute and the lever is raised so that the hydrated lime flows in. The bag rests...
Page 1405 - The geology of the road-building stones of Massachusetts, with some consideration of similar materials from other parts of the United States.
Page 861 - Missouri coal in the last few years, or at least until 1912, has been the notable increase in the production of petroleum and natural gas in the Mid-Continent field of Kansas and Oklahoma. Natural gas from eastern Kansas is now piped to Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Joplin, Mo., and to Atchison, Leavenworth and other cities in Kansas. Oil from the same district and from northern Oklahoma is being extensively used...
Page 730 - ... province. (4) The northern or Great Plains province, which includes the lignite areas of North Dakota and South Dakota, and the bituminous and subbituminous areas of northeastern Wyoming and of northern and eastern Montana. (5) The Rocky Mountain province, which includes the coal fields of the portions of Montana and Wyoming which are in the mountainous districts of those States, and all the coal fields of Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. (6) The Pacific, coast province, which includes all of...
Page 1287 - As the bluestone is a product of a distinct industry, its production is also shown apart from that of the other sandstones. Bluestone is also quarried in New Jersey and West Virginia, but this product is small and is not separated from sandstone. In Kentucky most of the sandstone quarried and sold is known locally as freestone. The figures given for sandstone do not include the value of the grindstones, whetstones, and...
Page 1588 - Manufacture of fertilizers, c, m. Manufacture of acetate of lime, c. Manufacture of bone ash, c, m. Manufacture of wood alcohol, c. Manufacture of calcium carbides, c. Manufacture of calcium light pencils, c.
Page 1404 - These publications, except those to which a price is affixed, can be obtained free by applying to the Director, United States Geological Survey, Washington, DC The priced publications may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC ADAMS, GI, and others.
Page 849 - Of these, No. 9 is the more persistent and furnishes probably 75 per cent or more of the total production of the western counties of the State. It underlies the whole or portions of eight counties, including all of the field except its eastern portion and the southern or southwestern edge, and in a few other casen, where it has been cut out by irregularities in the structure.

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