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Abate, to depress, sink, subdue.
A B C, a catechism.
Abhor, to protest against.
Abjects, debased, servile persons.
Able, to qualify or uphold.
Abortive, issuing before its time.
Absolute, complete, perfect.
Abuse, deception.
Abused, deceived.
Aby, to pay dear for, to rue, to

Abysm, abyss.
Accite, to cite or summon.
Accuse, accusation.
Achieve, to obtain.
Aconitum, wolf's-bane.
Acquittance, requital.
Action, direction by mute signs,

charge, or accusation.
Action-taking, litigious.
Actures, actions.
Additions, titles or characters.
Address, to prepare, to make

Addressed, or addrest, ready.
Admittance, favour.
Advance, to prefer.
Advertising, attentive.
Adversity, contrariety.
Advertisement, admonition.
Advice, consideration, discretion,

Advise, to consider, to recollect.
Advised, cool, cautious.
Aery or Aiery, a hawk's or eagle's

Affect the letter, to practise alli-

Affect, love.
Affection, affectation,imagination.
Affectioned, affected.
Affects, affections.

Affeered, confirmed.
Affied, betrothed.
Affined, joined by affinity.
Affront, to confront.
Affy, to betroth.
Aglet-baby, a diminutive being,

not exceeding the tag of a

point, from aiguillette.
Agnize, acknowledge,confess, vow.
A-good, in good earnest.
Aim, guess, suspicion.
Airy fame, mere verbal eulogy.
Alder-liefest, best beloved.
Ale, a merry-meeting.
A’life, at life.
Allow, to approve.
Allowance, approbation.
Amaze, to perplex.
Amazonian chin, a beardless chin.
Ames-ace, the lowest chance of

the dice.
Amiss, misfortune.
Amort, dispirited.
An, as if.
Anchor, a hermit.
Ancient, an ensign, or standard-

Angle, a fishing-rod.
Anight, in the night.
Answer, retaliation.
Anthropophagi, cannibals.
Antick, the fool of the old play.
Antiquity, old age.
Antres, caves and dens.
Appeach, to impeach.
Appeal, to accuse.
Appeared, made apparent.
Apple-john, an apple that will

keep for two years.
Apply, to attend to, to consider.
Appointment, preparation.
Apprehension, opinion.

Apprehensive, quick of compre

hension. Approbation, entry or probation. Approof, approbation, proof. Approve, to justify, prove,establish Approved, experienced. Approvers, those who try. Aqua-vitæ, strong waters, pro

bably usquebaugh. Arabian bird, the phenix. Arch, chief. Argentine, silver. Argentine, the goddess Diana. Argier, Algiers. Argosies, ships laden with great

wealth. Argument, subject for conversa

tion, evidence, proof. Arm, to take up in the arms. Aroint, avaunt, begone. A-row, successively. Art, practice as distinguished from

theory; also theory. Articulate, to enter into articles. Artificial, ingenious, artful. As, as if. Ascaunt, askew, sideways. Aspect, countenance. Aspersion, sprinkling. As point, completely armed. Assay, test. Ascapart, a giant. Assinego, a male ass. Astringer, a gentleman falconer. Assurance, conveyance or deed. Assured, affianced. Ates, instigation from Até, the

goddess of bloodshed. Atomies, minute particles, visible

in the sun's rays. Attasked, taken to task. Attended, waited for.

Attent, attentive.
Atone, to reconcile.
Attest, attestation.
Attorney, deputation.
Attorneyship, the discretional

agency of another. Attornied, supplied by susbstitu

tion of embassies. Audacious, spirited, animated. Audrey, a corruption of Ethelrea. Augurs, prognostications. Aukward, adverse. Aunts, courtesans. Authentic, learned. Awful, reverend. Awless, failing to produce awe.

Bird-bolt, an arrow shot at birds

from a cross-bow. Bisson, blind. Blank, the white mark in a target. Blank and level, mark and aim

(terms of gunnery). Blaze of youth, the spring of

early life. Blear, to deceive. Blench, to start off, to fly off. Blent, blended. Blind-worm, the cæcilia, or slow


B. Baccare, stand back, give place. Bairn, brushwood. Baldrick, a belt. Bale, misery. Baleful, baneful. Balked, bathed or piled up. Ballase, ballast. Balm, the oil of consecration. Ban, curse. Band, bond. Bandog, village-dog. Bandy, to exchange smartly. Bank, to sail along banks. Banning, cursing Banquet, a slight repast. Bar, barrier. Barbason, the name of a demon. Barbe, a kind of veil. Barbed, warlikely caparisoned. Barber-monger, an associate of

Battle, army.
Bawcock, a jolly fellow.
Bay, the space between the main

Blood-boltered,daubed with blood.
Blown, puffed-up, swollen.
Blows, swells.
Bloody, sanguine.
Blue caps, the Scotch.
Blunt, stupid, insensible.
Blurt, blurted, an expression of

Bare, to shave.
Bare, mere.
Barful, full of impediments.
Barm, yeast.
Barn, or bairn, a child.
Barnacles, a shell-fish.
Barns, keeps in a barn.
Barren, ignorant.
Base, dishonoured.
Base, a rustic game called prison-

Bases, a kind of loose breeches

worn by equestrian knights.
Basilisks, a species of cannon.
Basta, 'tis enough.
Bastard, raisin wine.
Bat, a club.
Bate, strife.
Bate, to flutter as a hawk.
Batlet, an instrument with which

washers used to beat clothes. Batten, to grow fat.

beams of a house.
Bay-curtal, a bay docked horse.
Bay-window, a bow-window.
Beadsmen, religious persons,

maintained to pray for their

Beak, the forecastle.
Bear a brain, to perfectly resemble.
Beard, to defy.
Bearing, demeanour.
Bearing-cloth, a mantle used at

Beat (in falconry), to flutter.
Beating, hammering, dwelling

Beaver, helmet in general.
Beck, a salutation made with the

Becomed, becoming.
Beetle, to hang over the base.
Behave, to manage.
Behests, commands.
Beholding, viewing with regard.
Behow), to howl at.
Being, abode,
Beldame, ancient mother.
Belee'd, becalmed.
Belongings, endowments.
Bemete, bemeasure.
Bemoiled, bedraggled, bemired.
Bending, unequal to the weight.
Benefit, beneficiary.
Bent, utmost degree of any passion.
Benumbed, inflexible.
Beshrew, may ill befal.
Besmirch, to foul or dirty.
Best, bravest.
Bestowed, stowed away, lodged.
Bestraught, distracted.
Beteem, to give, pour out, per-

mit, suffer.
Bewray, betray.
Bezonian, a mean fellow.
Bias-cheek, swelling out like the

bias of a bowl.
Bid, to invite.
Bid-the-base, to challenge in a

Bifold, two-fold.
Biggin, a cap.
Bilberry, the whortleberry.
Bilbo, a Spanish blade, made at

Bilboes, fetters.
Bill, articles of accusation.
Bill, a weapon formerly carried by

Bin, is.

Board, to accost.
Bob, to trick.
Bodged, boggled, clumsy.
Bodkin, a small dagger.
Bolted, sifted.
Bolting-hutch, the receptacle in

which the meal is bolted.
Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel.
Bombast, the stuffing of clothes.
Bona-robas, courtesans.
Bond, bounden duty.
Bony or bonny, handsome.
Book, paper of conditions.
Boot, profit, something over and

Bore, demeaned.
Bore, the calibre of a gun.
Bores, stabs.
Bosky, woody.
Bosom, wish, heart's desire.
Bots, worms in a horse's stomach.
Bourn, boundary, rivulet.
Bow, yoke.
Bolds, emboldens.
Boltered, bedaubed.
Borne in hand, deceived.
Bottled-spider, a large bloated

Boulted, sifted.
Bowlins or bowlines, tackle of a ship.
Bollen, swollen.
Bordered, restrained.
Bower, a chamber.
Brace, armour for the arm.
Brach, a hound.
Brack, to salt.
Braid, crafty, deceitful.
Brain's-flow, tears.
Brake, an instrument of torture;

also a thicket.

Brands, a part of the andirons on

which the wood for the fire

was supported. Brasier, a manufacturer of brass;

also a vessel in which charcoal

is burned. Brave, to defy, also to make fine. Bravely, splendidly, gallantly. Bravery, finery. Brawl, a kind of dance. Braying, harsh, grating. Break, to begin. Break up, to carve. Break with, to break the matter

to. Breast, voice. Breath, speech, also exercise, Breathing-courtesy, mere verbal

compliment. Breeched, foully sheathed, mired. Breeching, liable to be flogged. Breathed, inured by constant

practice. Breathe, to utter. Breed-bate, an exciter of quarrels. Bribe-buck, a buck sent as a bribe Bridal, the nuptial feast. Bring, to attend or accompany. Brize, the gad, or horse-fly. Broach, to put on the spit, to

transfix, Brock, the badger. Brogues, a kind of shoes. Broken, communicated. Broker, a match-maker, a pro

Cadent, falling
Cage, a prison.
Cain-coloured, yellow.
Caitiff, a scoundrel.
Calculate, to foretel.
Caliver, a species of musket.
Call, to visit.
Callet, a woman, a witch.
Calling, appellation.
Calm, qualm.
Camelot, a place where King Ar-

thur is supposed to have kept

his court. Canary, a dance. Candle-wasters, those who sit up

all night to drink. Canker, the dog-rose. Canstick, candlestick. Cantons, cantos. Canvas, to sift. Canvas-climber, a sailor. Cap, the top, the chief. Cap, to salute by taking off the cap. Capable impressure, hollow mark. Capitulate, to make head against. Capocchia, a sot. Capon, metaphor for a letter. Capricious, lascivious. Captious, capacious. Carack, a ship of great bulk. Caracts, characters. Carbonado, a piece of meat cut

crossways for the gridiron. Card, a sea-chart, perhaps also the

compass. Carded, mixed. Care, inclination. Careires, the motion of a horse;

to pass the careires, means to overstep the bounds of de

Cast the water, to find out disorders

by inspecting the urine. Cataian, a liar. Catling, a small lutestring made

of catgut. Cavalero-justice, a cant term. Cavaleroes, gay fellows. Caviare, too good for, or above the

comprehension of; so called from a delicacy made of the roe of sturgeons, eaten by the

higher classes. Cautel, subtlety. Cautel or cantle, the corner, or

piece of any thing. Cautelous, insidious, cautious. Cearment, the wrapping of an

embalmed body. Cease, decease. Censure, to give an opinion. Centuries, companies of a hundred

men each. Ceremonious, superstitious. Certes, certainly. Cess, measure, tax, or subsidy. Chair, throne. Chaliced, i. e. flowers, with cups,

from calix. Challenge, the right of refusing a

juryman. Chamber, ancient name for Lon

don; also a piece of ordnance. Chamberers, intriguers. Champian, an open country. Chantry, a small chapel in a ca

thedral. Character, hand-writing. Charactery, the matter with which

letters are made. Chares, task-work. Charge-house, free-school. Chariest, most cautious. Chariness, caution. Charitable, dear, endearing. Charles's-wain, the constellation

called the Bear. Charm your tongue, be silent. Charmer, one who deals in magic. Charneco, a sweet wine. Chance, fortune. Chary, cautious. Chases, a term in tennis. Chaudron, entrails. Cheater, for escheator, an officer

in the Exchequer. Checks, prob for ethics. Cheer, countenance. Cherry-pit, a game with cherry

stones. Cheveril, soft leather; also con




Brooched, adorned.
Brought, attended.
Brow of youth, the height of

youth. Brown-bill, a battle-axe. Brownist, a follower of Brown, a

sectarian. Bruising-irons, an allusion to the

ancient mace. Bruit, report with clamour. Brush of time, decay of time. Bug, bugbears, false terrors. Bumbard, a large drinking vessel. Bung, a cutpurse. Bunting, a bird. Burgonet, a helmet. Busky, woody. Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot at

shafts with. Buxom, obedient. By 'r lakin, by our little lady.

Carkanet, a necklace.
Carl, clown, boor.
Carlot, peasant.
Carnal, sanguinary.
Carowses, drinks.
Carriage, import.
Carried, conducted.
Carry, to prevail over.
Cart, a chariot.
Case, skin, outward garb.
Case of lives, a set of lives.
Casques, helmets.
Cassock, a horseman's loose coat.
Cast, to empty; also to dismiss,

Cast, reckoned.
Castilian, an opprobious term.
Castiliano vulgo, a cant term of

contempt. Cast-lips, left-off lips.

C. Caddis, worsted lace. Cade, a barrel.

Coigne of vantage, convenient

Chew, to ruminate, consider.
Chewet, a chattering bird.
Chide, to resound, to echo; also to

scold, be clamorous.
Chiding, sound; noisy.
Child, a knight, a hero.
Child, a female infant.
Childing, unseasonably pregnant.
Chopine, a high shoe.
Chough, a bird of the daw spe-

cies. Christom or chrisom, the white

cloth put on a newly baptized

child. Chuck, chicken, a term of endear

ment. Chuff, rich, avaricious. Chopping, jabbering. Cicatrice, the scar of a wound. Circummured, walled round. Circumstance, conduct, detail,

Cite, incite.
Cital, recital.
Civil, grave, solemn.
Civil, human.
Cittern, a musical instrument.
Clack-dish, a beggar's dish.
Clamour, a term in bell-ringing.
Clap-in, fall to.
Clapped i' the clout, hit the white

Clap, to join hands.
Claw, to flatter.
Clean, completely.
Clean kam, awry.

Clear, pure.

Clearest, purest.
Clepe, to call.
Clerkly, learned, scholar-like.
Cling, to dry, or shrink up.
Clinquant, glittering.
Clipt, embraced.
Clout, the white mark at which


Coignes, corners.
Coil, bustle, stir.
Cold, naked.
Collection, consequence, or co-

Collied, black, smutted.
Colt, to trick.
Co-mart, a joint bargain.
Come off, to pay.
Come off well, to succeed.
Co-meddled, mingled.
Combinate, betrothed.
Comfort, to aid.
Comforting, abetting.
Comma, connection.
Commission, authority.
Commend, commit.
Committed, lain with.
Commodity, self-interest.
Commonty, a comedy.
Compact, made up of.
Companies, companions.
Compare, comparison.
Comparative, a dealer in compa-

Compassed, round.
Compassed cape, a round cape.
Compassed window, a bow-win-

Compassionate, plaintive.
Compose, to come to a composition
Composture, composition.
Composition, bargain; also con-

Competitors, confederates.
Complements, accomplishments.
Complexion, humour.
Comply, to compliment.
Comptible, submissive.
Conceit, imagination, wit, idea.
Conceited, ingenious.
Concent, connected harmony.
Conclusions, experiments.
Concupy, concupiscence.
Condolement, sorrow.
Conduct, conductor.
Coney-catched, tricked.
Coney-catcher, a cheat.
Confession, profession.
Confineless, boundless.
Confound, to destroy.
Conject, conjecture.
Consent, will, conspiracy.
Consider, reward.
Consigned, sealed.
Consist, stand.
Consort, company.
Conspectuity, sight.
Constancy, consistency.

Constantly, certainly.
Contemptible, contemptuous.
Continuate, uninterrupted.
Continue, to spend.
Continent, containing.
Contraction, marriage-contract.
Contrarious, different.
Contrary, to contradict.
Contrive, to spend, to wear out.
Control, confute.
Convents, agrees, is convenient.
Convented, summoned.
Conversion, change of condition.
Converse, associate, interchange.
Convertite, a convert.
Convey, to steal.
Conveyance, sleight of hand, theft.
Conveyers, thieves.
Conveyed himself, derived his title.
Convicted, overpowered, baffled.
Convince, to convict, to subdue.
Convive, to feast.
Copatain hat, a hat with a conical

Cope, encounter, covering.
Copped, rising to a top or head.
Copy, theme.
Coragio, courage, be of good

Corinth, a brothel.
Corinthian, a wencher.
Corky, dry, withered.
Corollary, surplus.
Corporal, corporeal.
Corrigible, corrected.
Costard, a head.
Coster-monger, a dealer in cos-

tards or apples.
Cote, to overtake.
Coted, quoted, regarded.
Cotsale, Cotswold, in Gloucester-

Couch, to lie with.
Count, to reckon upon.
Countenance, favour; also false

appearance, hypocrisy.
Counter, a hunting term.
Counter-caster, one who reckons

with counters.
Counter-check, a term in chess.
Counterfeit, a portrait.
Counterpoints, counterpanes.
County, count, earl.
Couplement, a couple.
Courses, the mainsail and foresail.
Court-cupboard, sideboard.
Count-confect, a spurious noble-

archers shoot.
Clouted, hobnailed.
Coachfellow, one who draws with

a confederate.
Coasting, conciliatory.
Codling, an unripe apple.
Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven loaf.
Cock, cock-boat.
Cock-and-pye, a vulgar-oath.
Cockshut-time, twilight.
Cockle, a corn-weed.
Cockle-hat, a pilgrim's hat.
Coffin, the cavity of a raised

Cog, to cheat with dice, to lie.
Cognizance, badge or token.
Cogging, lying.


Court holy-water, flattery.
Covered, hollow.
Cowed, awed.

Curtail, a little cur.
Curtal, a docked horse.
Curtle-axe, a broadsword, cut-

Customer, a common woman.
Cut, a horse.
Cut and longtail, poor and rich.
Cuttle, a knife used by sharpers.
Cyprus, a transparent stuff.

Cower, to sink down.
Cowlstaff, a staff used in carrying

a basket.
Coy, to soothe.
Coyed, yielded reluctantly.
Coystril, a coward cock, a pol-

troon. Cozier, a tailor, a botcher. Crack, dissolution ; also a boy

child. Cranking, or crankling, the rush

of a river. Cranks, windings. Crants, garlands. Crare, a small trading vessel. Crash, to be merry over. Craven, a cowardly cock, mean,

cowardly. Create, compounded, made up of. Credent, credible. Credit, account, information, cre

dulity. Cressets, lights set upon a beacon. Cressive, increasing. Crest, the summit. Crestless, those who have no right

to armorial bearings. Crewel, worsted. Crisp, curled, winding. Critic, cynic. Critical, censorious. Crone, a very old woman. Crosses, money stamped with a

Derogate, degraded.
Descant, to harangue upon; also


D. Dafl, or doff, to put off. Dally, to trifle. Damn, to condemn. Danger, reach or control. Dank, wet, rotten. Danskers, natives of Denmark. Darkling, in the dark. Darraign, to arrange. Daub, to disguise. Daubery, falsehood, counterfeit. Day-bed, a couch. Day-light, broad day. Day-woman, dairymaid. Dealt, fought by proxy. Dear, immediate, consequential. Dearn, direful, lonely, solitary. Death-tokens, spots on those in

Crowkeeper, a scarecrow.
Crownet, last purpose.
Crulentious, cruel.
Crusado, a Portuguese coin.
Crush, to drink.
Crush a cup, to crack a bottle.
Cry, a pack of hounds.
Cry aim, to encourage.
Crystals, the eyes.
Cub-drawn, alluding to a bear

a term in music.
Deserved, deserving.
Design, to make out.
Despatched, bereft.
Detected, suspected.
Dich, do it.
Dickon, Richard.
Die, gaming.
Diet, to compel to fast.
Diffused, wild, irregular.
Digress, to deviate from what is

Digression, transgression.
Dint, impression.
Disable, to undervalue.
Disappointed, unprepared.
Discandy, to dissolve.
Disclose, to hatch.
Discontents, malcontents.
Discourse, reason.
Disease, uneasiness, discontent.
Diseases, sayings.
Disgrace, hardship, injury.
Dishabited, dislodged.
Dislike, displease.
Dislimn, to unpaint, obliterate.
Disme, tenth, or tithe.
Disnatured, wanting natural af-

Dispark, to destroy a park or in-

Disperge, to sprinkle.
Disponge, to discharge as a

Dispose, disposal, command.
Dispose, to make terms.
Disposition, frame.
Disseat, displace, depose.
Dissemble, to gloss over, to dis-

Dissembling, putting dissimilar

things together.
Distained, unstained.
Distaste, to corrupt.
Distemper, intoxication.
Distemperature, perturbation.
Distempered, out of humour.
Distraught, distracted.
Distractions, detachments, sepa-

rate bodies.
Divert, to turn aside.
Division, a term in music.
Doff, to put off.
Dole, alms, distribution, lot.
Dolphin, the dauphin.
Don, to put on, to do on.
Done to death, killed.
Done, expended, consumed.
Done upon the gad, suddenly.

fected with the plague.
Death's-man, executioner.
Debitor, debtor.
Deboshed, debauched.
Decay, poverty, misfortunes.
Deck of cards, a pack.
Decked, sprinkled.
Decline, to run through (as in

grammar) from first to last.
Declined, the fallen.
Deem, opinion, surmise.
Deer, animals in general.
Default (in the), at a need.
Defeat, to free, to disembarrass.
Defeature, alteration of features.
Defence, art of fencing.
Defend, to forbid.
Deftly, adroitly, dexterously.
Defy, to reject.
Degrees, steps.
Delay, to let slip.
Demerits, merits.
Demurely, solemnly.
Denay, denial.
Denayed, denied.
Denier, a coin.
Denude, to strip, divest.
Deny, to refuse.
Depart, to part.
Departing, separation.
Depend, to be in service.
Deprive to disinherit.
Deracinate, to root up.

whose dugs are dry.
Cue, a theatrical term, the last

word of the preceding speech.
Cuisses, armour for the thighs.
Cullion, a paltry fellow.
Cunning, knowledge.
Curb, to bend or truckle.
Curiosity, curiousness, finical de-

Curious, scrupulous.
Curled, ostentatiously dressed.
Currents, occurrences.
Cursed, under the influence of a

Curst, petulant, crabbed, harsh,

ill-tempered. Curstness, ill-humour.

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