Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee


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Seite 37 - Society as authorised in the first section of this act. Of the first three trustees appointed from the members of the common council of said city, one shall be appointed from the three year class, one from the two year class and one from the one year class of aldermen, and they shall serve as such trustees during their respective terms as such aldermen. And annually on the third Tuesday of April thereafter, at the expiration of the term of any such trustee, the mayor shall appoint his successor for...
Seite 27 - ... museum, and fix and enforce penalties for their violation, and generally shall adopt such measures as shall promote the public utility of the museum; provided, that such by-laws, rules and regulations shall not conflict with the provisions of this act.
Seite 40 - From and after the passage and publication of this act, the common council shall levy and collect annually, upon all taxable property of the said city, at the same time and in the same manner as other city taxes are levied and collected by law, a...
Seite 26 - The annual meeting of said board shall be held on the third Tuesday of May in each year, and at such meeting a president shall be chosen from their number to serve one year, and until his successor shall be chosen.
Seite 21 - Reading-rooms shall be closed on such days as the Library Committee may direct. 4. The use of tobacco, and all conversation and other conduct not consistent with the quiet and orderly use of the Reading-rooms, is prohibited.
Seite 36 - Said board of trustees shall consist of the president of the school board and the superintendent of schools of said city, ex officio, of three members of the common council of said city, designated and appointed by the mayor thereof, and of four residents and tax-payers of said city, to be appointed by the mayor as herein provided. The first appointments of trustees by the mayor under this act shall be made within ten...
Seite 31 - AN ACT relating to the Natural History Society of the city of Milwaukee. The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows: SECTION i.
Seite 36 - SECTION 1. The city of Milwaukee is hereby authorized to receive and accept from "The Natural History Society of Wisconsin", — a corporation located in the said city of Milwaukee, — a donation of its collection of objects in Natural History and Ethnology, or of the greater part thereof, upon such conditions as may be agreed upon by and between said city and said society, subject however, to the pro visions of this act.
Seite 28 - It shall be the duty of the board of trustees, -within ten days after the appointment of the trustees, custodian and other salaried employes, to report and file with the city comptroller a duly certified list of the persons so appointed, with the salary allowed to each, and the time or times fixed for the payment thereof, and they shall also furnish such comptroller with a list of all accounts and bills which may be allowed by said board of trustees, stating the character of the materials or services...
Seite 27 - The board of trustees shall, at their first meeting, or thereafter as soon as practicable and every five years thereafter, at an annual meeting, elect by ballot a person of suitable scientific attainments, ability and experience for custodian, who shall so act and be ex-officio secretary of said board of trustees. The custodian first appointed shall hold his office for five years from the time of the first...

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