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Jolm Ryland,

Prov. vi. 22.


בְּהִתְהַלֶּלְךָ תַּנְחֶה אֹתָךְ בְּשָׁכְבְּךָ תִשְׁמו עֶלִיךְ וַהֲקִיצוֹת הִיא מְשִׁיחֶךָ:



I wahest

and to express the desire of our so i, lo expect the datainment

div.1! Therary wratti
ut the notes if it Serman

-91 will produce an holy Confidmer Crumble

Security, whereby the soul shall be enabled to enjoy rest in God, even in the midst of trouble.

Jo David Ps 1.5.6. :?

It will ensure they preservation from all clomon is here representing the blusa they spirir! Foes, so that they shall not prevail agithee,

Advantages of Attention to good Advice. er from all outward Calamities, excem so far as

given by godly Parents or other Instrue fors, whose counsels correspond with the div. Word,

they hall work together for they good! TJor the following Y. (23) proves that the meant it 4. The blessed word of God mall be to betried by that Jest. For the Command is a camp de It may, therefore, with the utmost propriety be

them that lay it up in their ♡s. a applyid to the divine Word itself for as Father is

Solace in their seasons of Retirement. Mother must be obay'd only in the Lord, (when their

When thou wakest it trall talk with thee. Commands do not clash with God's Law, so the Arguments which prove the wél listen to an earth.

The Company of the most agreeable friends Cy Parcat, enforce our Attention to our heavorsky Father

cannot afford onih pleasure as a Recollect great advantage that we have his

The Wings 92, by nirimMind. Word in writing, as that it is now more complete than

- It is by this means that 6 himself it was in the days of solomon

communes with the soul, either the soul If this is bound upon our ♡r, or alides the us con

ght to commune with God. Ps.1km: rinually, the Declaration in the Text will have its full accomplishments

Thus we hear who goes Lord hasa

said rous, whether by way of Instruction, When shou grootste

Direction, Invitarion, Consolation, or war. ie. Halk with

ing, He has spoken peace to his saints

in his word. And there we are It hall be a thing Guide in Action .

juard in Repose. n. The Counselo which correst

in the language which the Holy Spirit raught to saints

of the divine Word, being laid

up in thy 8. small

-This also ne doin a sort connnine be thy Guide in active Life

with the saints of quo in post ages. When thou takest thyfelfa Walk, it shall lead thee. we become ancquainted with their sents Man is an active Creature, he will be

ments and feelings:

we learn to imitate doing or

their exemples, and are encouraged to expect pursuing some thing: Now the divine world will diveer you.

future communion with them in Heaven. What Endo to pursue.

While by all, we are fortes. - The Glory of god must always be ultimate admmished, edified, as prepared for the Kim - The good of Mankind mould be connected. of God. • Andour own best interests included.

save you any such Valuation of the word Whether y eat or drink or is hoteger Jo, do all to the glory of God. Cor. x. 31.

rusce delight in it? Or is the Bible a Look wery mom crypon his own things, but

Jull.unintwortung Book? Or if you redir

at all, is it for mere Curiosity and not for any What shall a mom le profited if he gain the

practical purpose? you are amuid of the ticho whole world . & love his own soil. Mattoxvi. 86 3r will also direct you

ries, you speculate on the Doctrines as but To the best Means for attaining there End.. you neither tremble at the Threatening for

are charmed with ins Discoveries, fear in • A cordial compliance with the Gospel. its promises, nor are careful to conform ro A contial Conformity to the siu. Law

ito mesepte. In this connection 9 place the Gospel first;

-If you

love to go, whither the Bible a because the law having bun price violar@, it is

you, dreadfully."

• 9 invain to hope for real conformity to it, Hill we

your journey will end and brotinto a state of Reconcitation to Goa. Motives. If you love to indulge that kind of stum T. It will cheer, support and animate the Soul. ber in which the word of God affords you "in this pursuit, by

the ground there

no socurrity, you will are Long awake in

the plunce of corment. & opposition that attend the pursuit & any temporal espar

-If you daily rive without une. tial Disappointments. Key from Imor som

Orailes of as you will be likely wery day 2. The word of God, if due Attention be


paid to it. Admonitions will be thy
Guard in seasons of Repose.

Bur.isaid: Word is now, your Guide

wherever you go, your Guard wherever minderit Mall keep quard

you reat, your M.ditation when vor you It will keep thee from soothfulnes (sinful In.

wake you shall make progress in the ways activity. From falling asleep like the foolish

of God. you hull abide under the hadow Virgins, in our ford' parable. Matt. xxv.

fine Almighty, enjoy communion with him -It will keep up a spirit of holy Jealousy, and

here, and be prepared for full enjoyment Werchfedness, in times of outward prosperity.

of go and of the umpany of all his sants, to all Eternity



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over thee.

Engraved by Sidy Tlalt, Bury St Blvomshy













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