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late çf Covent Garden Thentre . the face ovpuid after a Picture by Coates in the Sofefsion of Sir George Metham.

the figure modernized buji hamberg, and'ihe whole engraveil by i Bartolozzi.

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To which is annexedy
Her original Letter to JOHN CALCRAFT, Efq;
advertised to be published in October, 1767,

but which was then violently suppressed.

u The Web of our Life is of a mingled Yarn, Good and Ill together;

our Virtues would be proud, if our Faults whipt them not; and

our Crimes would despair, if they were not cherished by our
• Virtues.”'

All's Well that Ends Well, Act 4, Scene iji.

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And. Sold by J. Bei.l, at the British-Library, STRAND.


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HE distinguished honour to be

thought worthy the notice of royalty, transcends my ambitious hopes; and adds, if possible, to my respect and duty.

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HUMANITY is the characteristick of the Royal House of Brunswick. And as it was my happiness, it still is


boast, that I have been honoured with the favour of

your Royal Grandfather and his illuftrious Confort. How then must my heart be elated at being likewise honoured by the patronage of the most distinguished of our gracious Sovereign's progeny !

I Am at a loss to express my sensibility at your Royal Highness's condescension in accepting of this address, after hearing that I was favoured with


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ceptor's ceptor's permission to lay my poor work at his feet. But liberal feelings are implanted in your bofom; which shew that you inherit the virtues of your Royal Parents.

As words are too poor to express my gratitude for this high honour, I shall beg leave to add, that this distinguished mark of your Royal Highness's goodness has made me the happiest of women; and I shall ever remain, with the profoundest Respect,

Your Royal HIGHNESS's

Most obedient

and ever obliged

humble Servant,


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