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3 From the first dawning light,

'Till the dark ev'ning rise, For thy salvation, Lord, I wait,

With ever longing eyes. 4 Remember all thy grace,

And lead me in thy truth;
Forgive the sins of riper days,

And follies of my youth.
5 The Lord is just and kind,

The meek shall learn his ways;
And ev'ry humble sinner find

The blessings of his grace. .
6 For his own goodness' sake,

He saves my soul from shame;
He pardons (though my guilt be great)

Thro' my Redeemer's name.
PSALM 25. Second Part. S. M.

Divine Instruction,

shall the man be found,

That loves the gospel's joyful sound,

And trembles at the rod ?
2 The Lord shall make him know

The secrets of his heart ;
The wonders of his cov’nant show,

And all his love impart.
3 The dealings of his hand,

Are truth and mercy still,
With such as in his cov'nant stand,

And love to do his will.
4 Their souls shall dwelt at ease

Before their Maker's face :
Their seed shall taste the promises

In their extensive grace.

MINE eyes

PSALM 25. Third Part. S. M.

Distress of Soul. 1 INE eyes and my desire

Are ever to the Lord : I love to plead his promises,

And rest upon his word. 2 Turn, turn thee to my soul ;

Bring thy salvation near :
When will thy hand release my feet

Out of the deadly snare ?
3 When shall the sov'reign grace,

Of my forgiving God,
Restore me from those dang`rous way.ş,

My wand'ring feet have trod ? 4 The tumult of my thoughts

Doth but enlarge my woe;
My spirit languishes ; my heart

Is desolate and low.
5 With ev'ry morning light

My grief anew begins;
Look on my anguish and my pain,

And pardon all my sins. 6 Behold the hosts of hell,

How cruel is their hate ! Against my life they rise, and join.

Their fury with deceit. 7 O keep my soul from death,

Nor put my hope to shame : For I have plac'd my only trust

In my Redeemer's name. 8 With humble faith I wait,

To see thy face again : Of Israel it shall ne'er be said,

He sought the Lord in vain.

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PSALM 26. L. M. Self-Examination: or, Evidences of grace. 1


prove my ways, And try my reins, and try my heart; My faith upon thy promise stays,

Nor from thy law my feet depart. 2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit

With men of vanities and lies :
The scoffer and the hypocrite

Are the abhorrence of mine eyes. 3 Among thy saints will I appear,

With hands well wash'd in innocence ;
But when I stand before thy bar,

The blood of Christ is my defence. 4 I love thy habitation, Lord,

The temple where thine honours dwell ;
There shall I hear thy holy word,

And there thy works of wonder tell. 5 Let not my soul be join'd at last

With men of treachery and blood;
Since I my days on earth have past
Among the saints, and near my God.

PSALM 27. First Part. C. M.

The Church is our delight and safety. 1 HE Lord of glory is my light,

And my salvation too :
God is my strength ; nor will I fear

What all my foes can do.
2 One privilege my heart desires ;


grant me an abode,
Within th' assemblies of thy saints,

The temples of my God!
Ź There shall I offer my requestsı.

And see thy beauty still ;


Shall hear thy messages of love,

And there enquire thy will. 4 When troubles rise, and storms appear,

There may his children hide :
God has a strong pavilion, where

He makes my soul abide.
5 Now shall my head be lifted high

Above my foes around;
And songs of joy and victory
Within thy temple sound.
PSALM 27. Second Part. C. M.

Prayer and hope.
SOON as I heard my Father say,

66 Ye children, seek my grace ; My heart reply'd, without delay,

< I'll seek my Father's face.”
2 Let not thy face be hid from me,

Nor frown my soul away :
God of my life, I fly to thee

In a distressing day. 3 Should friends and kindred, near and dear,

Leave me to want, or die;
My God would make my life his care,

And all my need supply.
4 My fainting flesh had dy'd with grief ;

Had not my soul believ'd,
Thy grace would soon provide relief ;

Nor was my hope deceiv'd.
5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints,

And keep your courage up:
He'll raise your spirit when it faints,

And far exceed your hope.

PSALM 28. L. M. Prayer and praise, for deliverance from Enemies. 1 O

GOD of grace, my cry attend !

Lest, like the sons of guilt become, Beguil'd by Satan, I descend

With hopeless wretches to the tomb. 2 To thee my humble sighs arise ;

With lifted hands, on thee I call;
Lord, hear my fervent pray’rs and cries,

Nor leave me in despair to fall.
3 Oh save my soul from shame and sin;

Nor let my heedless footsteps go,
Where harden'd wretches swift decline

Down the broad way to endless woe. 4 While peace their flatt'ring lips proclaim,

And love profess, and hope impart ;
They blast their neighbour's honest fame,

And wing their arrows to his heart.
5 But, while they plant the secret snare,

Thy searching eyes their path regard :
Thy hands their dreadful doom prepare,

And mete their guilt its just reward.
6 Because their hearts thy works despise,

Thy works of wisdom, grace, and pow'r
Thy hand, regardless of their cries,

Shall sink them, that they rise no more. 7 Blest be the Lord, who heard my pray’r ;

The Lord my shield, my help, my song; Who sav'd my soul from sin and fear; And tun'd with praise my thankful tongue,

, 8 In the dark hour of deep distress,

My foes beset, of death afraid ;
My spirit trusted in his

And sought, and found his heay’nly


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