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• • Would you like to go into service?"

“ Is it into reglar service, your honor? Och, then, I never favoured that much.”

“ Will you go on board ship?"

“ Is it on board ship, Sir?” (rubbing round his shoulders and smiling,) “Och, plaze your honor, I oncet went a long voyage, Sir, and the say sickness didn't agree with me.”

“Well,” said the Commodore, impatiently, “ if there was one inclined to be of service to you, to enable you to get some more certain mode of subsistence than that you pursue, what line of life would you prefer?"

“ Why, then, long life to your honor, I pray God, and if there was a gentleman would have the great kindness to lind me a trifle to get my rags out of pledge, that I might go back to the trade nate and dacent, as my ould

father did afore me, I would chose, 'bove all the employments in life, Sir, to stand at the Post-Office and


the Freeman's Journal, plaze your honor.”

" And what sum will do this for him?" asked the Commodore of the head waiter, who now appeared.

“ God bless you, Sir, a pound note would make his fortune; and I would be his banker, and see it laid out to ad vantage."

The Commodore silently presented the pound note, and was moving away, when the guide following him a few steps, dropt on his knees, and seizing the skirts of his pelisse, remained for a moment struggling for utterance, while the tears stood in his hollow eyes. “ Should I return to Dublin,” observed the Commodore, touched perhaps by the silent emotion of feelings so prompt and ardent, so opposed to the poor man's former gay and jocose acuteness, “ should I return, I will enquire for you

here, and if I find you have given up breaking your fast with whiskey

“My fast, your honour, that's all for the whole day, Sir, mate or drink, and the rest goes -Plaze your honor, the little bit of a naked girl, at the vault, that's my child, Sir, and four of them-only dacency, your honour, and a bit of pride, and the childre, and the pound note, Sir; oh! its too much goodness intirely."

The Commodore drew back from his grasp, and motioning him to rise, added, “ In that case--four children you say.” He then gave another note, and walked rapidly away. .“ God bless you, Sir," said the waiter, who ran before, and conducted the gentlemen up stairs. “You have made one poor man happy this morning, at all events." .

“ You have had a Scena," observed Mr. De Vere, languidly.

“Almost,” he replied, with a deep

sigh. “Absentee! yes, well may they be absentees that can. What is that degree of enjoyment and individual happiness, which a man may procure, who is liable every day to behold such misery as we have witnessed, within the last short hour; or who is led to reflect for a moment on the train of misrule, of the collision of interests, prejudices, and feelings, which have produced such a state of society in this fine country?"

This speech was pronounced after they had entered a handsome drawingroom, and while each took possession of a lounger. The waiter then began a long string of apologies. : “ Dressingrooms would be got ready in a few minutes, as soon as the Marquis of Inchigeela and his son, Lord Dunmanaway, were gone; and his lordship’s travelling carriage was at that moment at the door: but the house was so full; a number of persons from England arrived by the last packet; others about to de

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part for Holyhead ;” and he added, in an aside whisper, “the elderly gentlewoman would be off in a jiffy, as her pochay was ordered, and she had only stepped into the best drawing-room to write a letter." He then added aloud, that he would just run down himself and introduce the French valet to the French cook, store the gentlemens' things in the dressing-room, and order breakfast.

The waiter then shuffled off, impressed with an high opinion of the consequence of the strangers, from the petulance of the one and the haughty look of the other; and believing them to be well worth attending to, from the extraordinary liberality of the Commodore, who, by an act well adapted to Irish feelings, had bought golden opinions from all who had witnessed it.

The mention made by the waiter of the “ elderly gentlewoman," was the first intimation the strangers received

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