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falsely called civilized society; and he who picks me up unknown, unnamed, in the middle of the ocean, receives me between sky and sea, a wanderer in the elements, gives me the rites of hospitality, communicates with me frankly, cherishes no suspicion, seeks no confidence, nor obtrudes any, connects himself, in my imagination, with a state of things, often dreamed of, but rarely realized. Ties, formed under such circumstances, are precious as they are rare; and by me, at least, are valued accordingly.”

* And I," said the Commodore, with his splendid smile, brightening the severity of his singular countenance, “have just romance enough to enter into your feelings; for I once made a friendship, in swimming down the Oronoko, which influenced the fortune and bent of my future life.”

They then agreed to leave Dublin in two hours; and Mr. De Vere asked

6. What do

you do with your servant?" “ I have none but my Spanish mate, whom I leave to take the command of my vessel, when she is ready for sea." " Then I also will leave


ridiculous Frenchman behind me, till I arrive at my place of destination; a period still hanging in the stars. The master of this hotel will take care of him, I suppose, if well paid; as he would of my grey parrot, green monkey, or any other exotic animal I might consign to him. I have not the least idea, though, how I shall do: without a servant; but the situation will be new, and so far good.”

Here the waiter entered, and enquired of the elderly gentlewoman, as if merely to make an excuse to get her out of the room,

“ Have you any luggage, ma'am, to put up?"-To this question she replied angrily, and interrupting her reassumed letter, which, by the motion of her hand, appeared to consist of characters complex as the ancient Ogham, Have I any luggage!

have 1? Then do you take me for a snail, why! with all my goods on my back?" The rich round Munster brogue in which this question was 'asked, the guttural accentation of the 'you' and the "why' peculiar to that province, and the sharp key in which it was uttered, made the gentlemen start; while the impertinent waiter took no pains to conceal his ready laughter. '

“You are mighty pert, Sir," said the old lady, tossing a black wafer about her mouth, and sealing and soiling her ill-folded letter with it: she then gathered up her papers (some printed tracts which lay on the table), and corking her inkhorn, which she dropped into her capacious pocket, as a pebble falls into the bottom of a deep well, she lowered her veil, resumed a black silk rabbit-skin-lined cardinal cloak, and waddling to the door, turned full round, and made a formal courtesy to the gentlemen: the gentlemen bowed, and she retired.

The French valet had now prepared the apparatus for the toilette: but before they adjourned to their dressing roomis, the waiter returned, and presented a note, illegibly written upon a dirty card, which Mr. De Vere took between his finger and thumb, and read, first eagerly to himself, and then aloud, with a look of disgust, amounting almost to nausea: it ran as follows:

“Mistress Magillicuddy presents her respects, on her way to Munster, would make a third in a chay, as far as Tipperary town, if agreeable. N.B. No luggage to signify, foreby a portmantle and bandbox, also a magpie and cage, would hang outside, if not agreeable within : would prefer the gentlemen if serious : begs your acceptance of a religious tract, and am, gentlemen, Yours, &c.

MOLLY MAGILLICUDDY." The waiter chuckled, and observed : “ The lady says she forgot to mention the bird and bandbox are to be taken up

in Thomas Street." Mr. De Vere tossed the note on the table, and went to his dressing room; and the Commodore, with more good breeding, or rather with more good nature, desired the waiter to say that previous arrangements obliged them to decline the honour intended them by Mrs. Magillicuddy.

This singular looking lady had come by the Holyhead packet the night before, and had ordered a chaise previous to the arrival of the gentlemen.--The freedom,with which they had discussed their route before her, had probably suggested the idea of econonnising her travelling expenses by joining them. She might also have had some more important views,than those which were prudently directed to their purses; for her enquiry as to their being “serious” (a technical term in a particular new light,) indicated her calling; and it was possible she believed herself the elected agent of salvation to them, as to many

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