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" Ireland: since that epoch her debt has increased, her resources diminished, her taxes augmented, her manufactures languishing, her gentry self-exiled, her peasantry turbulent from distress, and her tradesmen, like myself, drained to the last farthing,... "
Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale - Seite 81
von Lady Morgan (Sydney) - 1818
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Critical Receptions: Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan

Jacqueline E. Belanger - 2007 - 436 Seiten
..."Counsellor Gallagher's iligant speeches;" and "Why, with its extremes of poverty and splendour" to "where they will not be obliged to pay a large the government, for leave to live; to America."] As an example of gross aggravation, we give the following picture, which professes to describe the...
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