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OF the Nature and Objećt of the Philosophy of the Human Mind, Page 1

P A R T II. Section I.-Of the Utility of the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 17 II.-Continuation of the same Subjećt, - - 43 C H A P. I.

Of the Powers of External Perception.

Section I.-Of the Theories which have been formed by Philosophers, to explain the Manner in which the MIND perceives external

Objećts, - - - - 63 II.—Of certain natural Prejudices, which seem to have given rise to the common Theories of Perception, - - 71

III.-Of Dr. Reid's Speculations on the Subječt of Perception, 87

IV.-Of the Origin of our Knowledge, - - 94 b

Section III.-Of the Improvement of Memory.——Analysis of the Principles

on which the Culture of Memory depends, - - 423 IV.-Continuation of the same Subjećt.—Of the Aid which the Memory derives from Philosophical Arrangement, - 43o

v.–Continuation of the same Subjear-Effects produced on the Memory by committing to Writing our acquired Knowledge, 441

VI.-Continuation of the same Subjećt.—Of Artificial Memory, 449

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VII.-Continuation of the same Subjećt.——Importance of making a proper Selection among the Objećts of our Knowledge, in order to derive Advantage from the Acquisitions of Memory, 456

VIII.-Of the Connection between Memory and philosophical Genius,

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C. H. A. P. VII.

Of Imagination.

Section I.-Analysis of Imagination, - - 475 II.-Of Imagination considered in its Relation to some of the Fine Arts, - - - - - 48o III.-Continuation of the same Subjećt. Relation of Imagination and of Taste to Genius, - - - 497 IV.-Of the Influence of Imagination on human Charaćter and Happiness, - - " " - - - 499 W.—Continuation of the same Subjećt.——Inconveniences resulting from an ill-regulated Imagination, - - 508

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Power of Imagination is subservient, - - 52 I NoTEs AND ILAUSTRATIONs, - - - 529

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Of the Nature and Obječ of the Philosophy of the Human

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