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Page 332 - A reconnaissance of the Cape Nome and adjacent gold fields of Seward Peninsula, Alaska, in 1900, by AH Brooks, GB Richardson, and AJ Collier. In a special publication entitled "Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900,
Page 132 - Creek placers : Gravel deposits in the beds and intermediate flood plains of small streams. Bench placers : Gravel deposits in ancient stream channels and flood plains which stand from 50 to several hundred feet above the present streams.
Page 332 - Topographic maps. The following maps are for sale at 5 cents a copy, or $3 per hundred: Casadepaga Quadrangle, Seward Peninsula; scale, 1:62500; by TG Gerdine. Grand Central Special, Seward Peninsula; scale, 1:62500; by TG Gerdine. Nome Special, Seward Peninsula; scale, 1:62500; by TG Gerdine. Solomon Quadrangle, Seward Peninsula; scale, 1:62500; by TG Gerdine.
Page 19 - All disputed titles, whether to mining claims or town lots, shall at once be brought before the civil authorities for settlement. So long as the civil authorities can handle such matters the military authorities will take no action. In case it becomes necessary for the military authorities to act, the claim or lot will be held in its condition at the time, neither party being allowed to do any work to change the condition of the same. While there exists no objection to the holding of orderly meetings...
Page 333 - Geology of the area represented on the Nome and Grand Central Special maps, by FH Moffit, FL Hess, and PS Smith. Geology of the area represented on the Solomon and Casadepaga Special maps, by PS Smith. The Seward Peninsula tin deposits, by A. Knopf. NORTHERN ALASKA. A reconnaissance from Fort Hamlin to Kotzebue Sound. Alaska, by way of Dall, Kanuti, Allen, and Kowak rivers, by WC Mendenhall. Professional Paper No.
Page 313 - Kruzgamepa, joins that river near the great bend about 11 miles east of Salmon Lake. Although really continuous, Iron Creek bears three names in different parts of its valley; thus from its mouth to Left Fork, a distance of 7 miles, the stream is called Iron Creek; above Left Fork as far as Eldorado Creek, a distance of 1 mile, it is called Dome Creek, and from Eldorado Creek to the divide it is called Telegram Creek. This confusion of names is due to the interpretation of the mining laws which permits...
Page 80 - The degree of metamorphism varies, but as a general rule is greater in the eastern than in the western part of the peninsula.
Page 17 - In addition to this, each man staked a separate claim in his own name on the creek. This was the universal custom in Alaska, as it was conceded that the discoverer was entitled to a discovery claim and one other. After locating on Anvil Creek, claims were staked on Snow Gulch, Dry Creek, and Rock Creek, after which we returned to Golofnin Bay and reported the discovery. " It was then decided to form a mining district, so we three original discoverers organized a party, taking with us Dr. AN Kittleson,...
Page 279 - Gold occurred disseminated in schist gravel, in which were scattered bowlders of mica schist averaging 10 to 15 (•minds in weight and smaller pieces of limestone. The "ruby sand" so prominent about Nome is inconspicuous here, though some garnets are present in the gravels. The heavy minerals associated with the gold are magnetite, nodules of limonite, small pieces of ilmenite, and bits of cinnabar. Cinnabar is fairly abundant in the tailings, ranging from specks to rounded pebbles the size of marbles,...
Page 152 - ... locations and principal features have already been described, but there has been more or less work on different streams, such as Dry and Bourbon creeks, and extensive drilling in various other parts of the tundra. On the first or present beach practically all work was suspended. Along the second beach many of the old properties were worked and some very good new ground was discovered in the vicinity of Otter Creek. The third beach is the principal producer of the region. The third beach was discovered...

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