An Elementary Chemistry: By George Rantoul White

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Ginn, 1894 - Chemistry - 272 pages

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Page 219 - Rhodium . . Rubidium Ruthenium Samarium . . Scandium . . Selenium . . Silicon Silver Sodium Strontium . . Sulphur . . Tantalum . . Tellurium . . Terbium . . Thallium . . Thorium . . Thulium . . Tin.. Titanium . . Tungsten . . Uranium . . Vanadium . . Xenon Ytterbium Yttrium . . Zinc Zirconium . . Mo Nd Ne Ni N Os O Pd P Pt K Pr Ra Rn Re Rh Rb Ru Sm Sc Se Si Ag Na Sr...
Page viii - Nearly every subject dealt with is arranged in abnormal order ; definitions, and rules, and principles being put first, instead of being disclosed, as they are in the order of nature, through the study of cases.
Page 216 - Antimony Argon Arsenic Barium Bismuth Boron Bromine Cadmium Caesium Calcium Carbon Cerium Chlorine Chromium Cobalt Columbium Copper...
Page 180 - New York Journal of Commerce. " The aim of the work is to furnish a hand-book of a symmetrical science, resting fundamentally upon the law of Avogadro that 'equal volumes of all substances, when in the state of gas and under like conditions, contain the same number of molecules.
Page viii - ... identical with the faculty of grouping or coordinating kindred facts, comparing one group with another or with all the others, and then drawing an inference which is sure in proportion to the number of cases, instances, or experiences on which it is based. This power is developed by practice in induction. It is often a long way from the patent fact to the just inference. For centuries the...
Page 129 - The volume of any gas is inversely proportional to the pressure to which it is subjected.
Page 219 - Au H In I Ir Fe La Pb Li Mg Mn Hg Mo Ni...
Page vii - The responsibilities of citizenship increase day by day and have been multiplied by the effects and results of the war. There is double need, therefore, of training the youth of to-day who are to be the men and women of to-morrow, in the fundamental principles of good citizenship and in a knowledge of those rights, duties and opportunities, national and international, which constitute the elements of the world's organized life.
Page 120 - the object of chemistry is not to make gold, but to prepare medicines," and founded the school of latro-chemistry or Medical Chemistry.
Page 218 - Copper cuprum Cu Gold aurum Au Iron ferrum Fe Lead plumbum Pb Mercury hydrargyrum Hg Potassium kalium K Silver argentum Ag Sodium natrium Na Tin stannum Sn Symbols are not merely abbreviated names, however, but they also represent definite atomic quantities.

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