Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Band 68;Bände 1907-1908

Priestley and Weale, 1908
Includes lists of additions to the Society's library, usually separately paged.

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Seite 258 - Jaus les milieux de l'œil," in which he showed the relative proportion of heat rays which are absorbed by the cornea, the aqueous humour, the crystalline lens¡ and the vitreous humour, and proved that only a small percentage of such rays reach the retina. At this time the brilliant researches of Kirchoff and Bunsen had strongly attracted the attention of physicists, and Janssen determined to devote himself to some of the problems that had been indicated by spectrum analysis.
Seite 70 - I am talking to-night, in purpose at least, to the amateur ; but my definition of the amateur is perhaps a broader one than is generally accepted. According to my view, the amateur is the man who works in astronomy because he cannot help it, because he would rather do such work than anything else in the world, and who therefore cares little for hampering traditions ojf for difficulties of any kind.
Seite 97 - REMARKABLE ECLIPSES: A Sketch of the most interesting Circumstances connected with the Observation of Solar and Lunar Eclipses, both in Ancient and Modern Times.
Seite 106 - The New Theory of Earthquakes and Mountain Formation as illustrated by Processes now at work in the Depths of the Sea.
Seite 96 - THE METEOROLOGICAL RECORD. Monthly Results of Observations made at the Stations of the Royal Meteorological Society, with Remarks on the Weather for each quarter. By WILLIAM MARRIOTT, Assistant -Secretary.
Seite 106 - St-Pétersbourg, 1906 Schaeberle (John Martin): *The distances of the fixed stars. (Author.) 8vo. 1907 Scheiner (Julius): Populare Astrophysik. (Library Fund.) 8vo. Leipzig und Berlin, 1908 Schiaparelli (Giovanni Virginio): *Come si possa giustificare l-uso della media aritmetica nel calcolo dei risultati d-osservazione.
Seite 268 - Sciences in 1900; the Bruce Gold Medal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in...
Seite 96 - London, Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the meridian of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.
Seite 76 - ... of the Andromeda Nebula. You see how little it shows, since a longfocus telescope, unless of very great aperture, is not well adapted for the photography of faint nebulae. When we compare this picture with the next one, made by Professor Ritchey with the 2-foot reflector (of 8 feet focal length), we appreciate immediately that the 40-inch, in spite of its great advantages for certain classes of work, is wholly unadapted for other investigations. As you know, a refractor of much smaller aperture...
Seite 158 - On the number of stars of determined magnitude and determined galactic latitude (Pub.

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