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rate sense, upon which the French Revolu- . tion has been founded. Many others are adherents of a system diametrically opposite. It will not be unamusing to observe how allthors of ability and research, however various may be their creed, consent in the support of some common and irresistible dogmas. It will not be uninstructive to perceive, how truth, all powerful, all radiant truth, extends its illuminations to the bosoms of men, especially if they be men of the highest talents, who have devoted their services to the cause of error. If the compiler of this work had possessed more leisure, it is not to be doubted that he might have extracted a code of civil liberty and the most generous equalitys entirely from passages of the most celebrated writers, and writers favouring the highest tone of authority, which have dropped from them unawares, inconsistently with their professed hypotheses, and, on that account, entitled to tenfold credit.

Let it then be recollected what is the nature and fair inference of such a collection as the present. It holds out an appeal to the most scrupulous doubter, or the most zealous. adversary of public liberty. The doubter who would guard against the contagion of


any temporary delusion, and the adversary who turns away indignant from insolent novelties, are each of them consulted in this case. We give to them opinions, not the immature product of temporary zeal, but that have stood the test of ages, that were conceived by the best men even in the worst of times, that have been sifted and bolted with the most vigorous examination, and that have risen triumphant over all opposition. The most supercilious devotee will hardly venture to treat such pleadings with neglect; he is compelled even to the “ teeth “ and forehead,” of his errors to give audience to the great masters of human intellect, and must ultimately digest their hard sayings and their untemporising assertions of truth with what appetite he may.


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19. For " which his equal” readwhich is « his equal." 42, line 29.

For « the evil vanishes” read “ half the 66 evil vanishes.” 47, line 26. For “ blessing" read blessings. 66, line 26. For “ illusion” read allusion."

Reverse lines 26 and 27.

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