Proceedings at the [2nd] Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland, at Winchester, Sept. 1845

1846 - 43 Seiten

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Seite xxxi - The Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland is formed in order to examine, preserve, and illustrate all Ancient Monuments of the History, Manners, Customs and Arts of our Forefathers. I. The...
Seite xxxii - Institute shall be holden without the consent of at least three fourths of the Committee expressed in writing; for such Special Meeting a notice of at least three weeks shall be given by Advertisements in the public papers. At this Special Meeting the President, or in his absence one of the Vice-Presidents, shall take the Chair, and in their absence the Committee shall appoint a Chairman.
Seite 17 - Am I bewitched? or have I taken leave of my senses? Had I not once a most delectable wood in this spot ? But when he understood the truth, he was violently enraged. Then the bishop put on a shabby vestment, and made his way to the king's feet, humbly begging to resign the episcopate, and merely requesting that he might retain his royal friendship and chaplaincy.
Seite 42 - This window, when compared with the surrounding ones, exhibits most strikingly the characteristic features of the time. It is superior to the other glass paintings in the fulness and arrangement of its colours, but it is less brilliant, owing to the greater depth of the shading, to which the increased roundness of the figures is owing. In point of execution, I apprehend that it is as nearly perfect as painted glass can be. In it the shadows have attained their proper limit. Deeper shadows would have...
Seite 53 - ... as almost to impair its character of genuineness. Jovius is, for various reasons, not likely to have been himself at Winchester during the visit of the Emperor in 1522, yet his account is probably correct ; for the Table had certainly been repaired not long before that year ; as we learn from the entry in the foreign accounts of Henry VIII., of 661. 16s. lid. for the repair of the "aula regis infra castrum de Wynchestre et le Round Tabyll ibidem.
Seite 14 - Moreover you have added a lofty temple, in which continual day remains, without night," (to wit,)" a sparkling tower that reflects from heaven the first rays of the rising sun. It has five compartments pierced by open windows, and on all four sides as many ways are open. The lofty peaks of the tower are capped with pointed roofs, and are adorned with various and sinuous vaults, curved with well-skilled contrivance." " Above these stands a rod with golden balls, and at the top a mighty golden cock...
Seite 1 - Cathedral, namely, to bring together all the recorded evidence that belongs to the building, excluding historical matter that relates only to the see or district; to examine the building itself for the purpose of investigating the mode of its construction, and the successive changes and additions that have been made to it ; and lastly, to compare the recorded evidence with the structural evidence as much as possible.
Seite xxxiv - I trust that you will find some person connected with the locality in which you may decide to meet, to take the office. and under whom I shall be very happy, if I can be of any use as Vice-President, to act in that capacity.

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