Bulletin - United States, Office of Public Roads, Ausgaben 33-44

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908

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Seite 12 - Cram; thence down the main channel of the Montreal river to the middle of Lake Superior; thence through the center of Lake Superior to the mouth of the St. Louis river; thence up the main channel of said river to the first rapids in the same, above the Indian village, according to Nicollet's map; thence due south to the main branch of the river St.
Seite 77 - And whenever the commission shall be of opinion, after a hearing, had upon its own motion or upon complaint...
Seite 31 - The stopper is then inserted in the tube and the cup filled with water at 25 °C. to the top of the projections. The measuring cylinder should be placed directly under the outflow tube so that the material, upon flowing out, will not touch the sides, and the stopper may then be removed. The time required...
Seite 3 - The residue is poured into an 11-cm. porcelain evaporating dish and evaporated on a steam bath. The most scrupulous care must be taken at all times that no flames are in its immediate vicinity. Evaporation is carried on at a gentle heat, with continual stirring, until foaming practically ceases. It is advisable to have a large watch glass at hand to smother the flames quickly should the material ignite. As the foaming subsides, the heat of the steam bath may be gradually raised, and evaporation...
Seite 33 - ... to any desired temperature at which the test is to be made. This temperature should be accurately maintained, and should at no time throughout the entire test be allowed to vary more than one-half a degree Centigrade from the temperature selected.

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