U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909

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Seite 5 - BULLETIN 290. Preliminary report on the operations of the fuel-testing plant of the United States Geological Survey at St. Louis, Mo., 1905, by JA Holmes. 1906.
Seite 19 - BULLETIN 2. North Dakota lignite as a fuel for power-plant boilers, by DT Randall and Henry Kreisinger. 1910. 42 pp., 1 pi., 7 figs. BULLETIN 3. The coke industry of the United States as related to the foundry, by Richard Moldenke.
Seite 8 - It is sometimes convenient to have an elaborate statement of fact summarized into a few representative figures, the relation between which may be easily apprehended. Such a summary may be framed for the present case by assuming that the normal maximum power of the locomotive tested is that which involves a rate of evaporation of 12 pounds of water per square foot of heating surface per hour, and by averaging from the diagrams (figs.
Seite 74 - BULLETIN 393. Incidental problems in gas-producer tests, by RH Fernald, CD Smith, JK Clement, and HA Grine.
Seite 45 - ... Experimental work conducted in the chemical laboratory of the United States fuel-testing plant at St. Louis, Mo., January 1, 1905, to July 31, 1906, by NW Lord.
Seite 46 - Reprint of United States Geological Survey Bulletin 403. BULLETIN 34. Tests of run-of-mine and briquetted coal In a locomotive boiler, by WT Ray and Henry Kreisinger.
Seite 78 - The condition of the track surface has been described under Track Depressions; it may be well again to call attention to the fact that the track in all the test locations had not received a general tamping for some time and that in some locations it was apparent that the track was in indifferent condition as to surface and tamping, and...
Seite 37 - The following publications, except those to which a price is affixed, can be obtained free by applying to the Director...
Seite 16 - The determination of these periods of oscillation has an important bearing on the question of the origin of the moon. Professor Darwin in his paper on the ' Precession of a Viscous Spheroid and the Remote History of the Earth...
Seite 362 - BULLETIN 33. Comparative tests of run-of-mine and briquetted coal on the torpedo boat Biddle, by WT Ray and Henry Kreisinger.

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