Manual of the Natural History, Geology, and Physics of Greenland, and the Neighboring Regions: Prepared for the Use of the Arctic Expedition of 1875, Under the Direction of the Arctic Committeee of the Royal Society, for the Use of the Expedition. Published by Authority of the Lords Commissoners of the Admiralty

H.M. Stationery Office, 1875 - 869 Seiten

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Geology and Mineralogy
On Collecting Mineralogical Specimens and making Observations
On the Observations which should be mode in case Volcanoes
Spectroscopic Observations Observations of the Spectrum of
Polarisation of Light By W Spottiswoode M A Treas R S 26
A Revised Catalogue of the Spongozoa of Greenland By
On the Distribution of Arctic Plants By Dr J D Hooker
Flowering Plants and Algae of Greenland Davis Strait
Plants from Smiths Soundcollected by Dr Hayes and named
The Lichenflora of Greenland By Dr W Lauder Lindsav
On the Nature of the Discoloration of the Arctic Seas
Note on some Plants from Smith Sound collected by
The Minqralogical Geology of South Greenland By Sir C L
On the Cryolite of W Greenland By Sir C L Giesecke 1821
On the Geological and Glacial Phenomena of the Coasts
Fossils from the West Coast of Kennedy Channel By Prof
Carboniferous Cretaceous
The Cretaceous Flora and Fauna of Greenland By Prof
On Meteoric Irons found in Giejnland By Dr Walter Flight
Geological Notes on Noursoak and Disco Greenland By
Eecent Elevations in the Circumpolar Begions By H
Bocks and Minerals of Greenland By Dr H Bink 1857
Fishes from Port Kennedy Boothia By Dr Walker 1860
Mollusca of W Greenland and the Parry Islands By Dr P C
On Saline Matter in Ice By Dr Rac F R G S 3
Alga collected by J Taylor in Cumberland Sound By
On some Arctic Diatomacese By the Rev Eugene OMeara
On the occurrence of Fir Wood in the Arctic Archipelago
Geology of the Parry Islands and Neighbouring Lands
Notes on Polaris Bay By Dr Bessels 1875
The Crustacea of E Greenland By Dr R Buchholz 1874
The Lepidoptera of E Greenland by Captain A von Homeyerj
Tidal Observations at Port Foulke By Dr Uayes
Voyage of the Polaris Captain Markhum
Pendulum Observations in Melville Island Parry
Pendulum Observations in Spitsbergen Sabine
Pendulum Observations at Port Foulke By Dr Hayes
Measurement of the Advance of Glacier in FranzJosephFiord East Greenland By B Copeland
Observations on Fogbows Sec near Spitzbergen By Parry
Observations on Refraction By Scoresby Greenland Voyage
Observations of Halos and Remarks on Twilight McClintock
Remarks on the Distance to which Sounds could be heard Parrys First Voyage
Sir John Franklins Expedition 182527
Experiments on the Velocity of Sound M Koldewey
Magnetic Observations in Davis Strait and Baffins Bay By Sir James Ross and Captain Sabine Phil Trans 1819 and Voyage of Sir John Ross in 1818 ...
Magnetic Observations at Melville Island By Captain Sabine Parrys First Voyage 181920
Magnetic Observations at Winter Island and Igloolik By Parry Second Voyage
Magnetic Observations at Port Bowen By Captain Parry and Lieutenant Foster 182425
Magnetic Observations at Felix Harbour By Sir John Ross Discovery of the Magnetic Pole By Sir James Ross
Magnetic Observations at Van Rensselaer By Dr Kane
Magnetic Observations at Port Foulke By Dr Hayes
Comparison of Dip and Horizontal Force at Points in West Green land 699
Hourly Observations of Magnetic Declination at Point Barrow By Captain Maguire Phil Trans 1857
Hourly Observations of Magnetic Declination at Port Kennedy Phil Trans 1863
Magnetic Observations at Sabine Island and other East Greenland Stations By Captain Koldewey 186970
Methods of determining the Magnetic Elements in the Arctic Regions
Magnetic Observations made during the AnstroHungarian North Polar Expedition to FranzJosephLand By Lieut Weyprecht
Magnetic Survey of the North Polar Regions By Sir Edward Sabine Phil Trans 1872
Observations on Aurora By Sir Edward Belcher
On the Origin of Atmospheric Electricity By M Becquerel sen
Comparison of other Spectra with the Spectrum of the Aurora
Observations on the Electrical State of the Air By M Wijkander
Appendix The chief modern Works on Greenland the Franklin
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Seite 538 - ... firma within a few degrees of the North Pole! — a supposition which I consider to be wholly incompatible with the data in our possession, and at variance with the laws of isothermal lines. If, however, we adopt the theory of a former submarine drift,*" followed by a subsequent elevation of the sea-bottom, as easily accounting for all the phenomena, we may explain the curious case brought to our notice by Sir Edward Belcher, by supposing that the tree he uncovered had been floated away with...
Seite 534 - Since those early days, the voyages of Franklin, and of the various gallant officers who have been in search of our lamented friend, have amplified those views, and have shown us that over nearly the whole of the Arctic Archipelago these vast islands possess a structure similar to that of North America. We shall soon, I believe, be made acquainted with the characters of the specimens collected by the expedition under Sir Edward Belcher, who is preparing a description of the natural-history products...
Seite 310 - Sometimes the transition between the green and blue water is progressive, passing through the intermediate shades in the space of three or four leagues ; at others, it is so sudden, that the line of separation is seen like the rippling .of a current ; and the two qualities...
Seite 68 - Supposing the sealing prosecuted with the same vigour as at present, I have little hesitation in stating my opinion that, before thirty years shall have passed away, the ' seal fishery ' as a source of commercial revenue will have come to a close...
Seite 465 - Geological notes on the Noursoak peninsula, Disco island, and the country in the vicinity of Disco bay, North Greenland, 55.
Seite 535 - M., is to call attention to the remarkable fact of the occurrence of considerable quantities of wood, capable of being used for fuel or other purposes, which exist in the interior and on the high grounds of large islands in latitudes where the dwarf willow is now the only living shrub. Before I allude to this phenomenon, as brought to my notice by Capt. M'Clure and Lieut. Pim, I would, however, briefly advert to a few rock specimens collected by the latter officer in Beechey Island, Bathurst Land,...
Seite 536 - Land, in latitude 74° 48', and thence extending along a range of hills varying from 350 to 500 feet above the sea, and from half a mile to upwards inland, he found great quantities of wood, some of which was rotten and decomposed, but much of it sufficiently fresh to be cut up and used as fuel. Whenever this wood was in a well-preserved state, it was either detected in gullies or ravines, or had probably been recently exhumed from the frozen soil or ice. In such cases, and particularly on the northern...
Seite 313 - I also made an observation which is confirmatory of what I have advanced regarding the probability of these minute organisms giving off en masse a certain degree of heat, though in the individuals inappreciable to the most delicate of our instruments. On the evening of the 4th of June, this present year (1867), in latitude 67° 26...
Seite 397 - In the afternoon we saw at some distance from us a well-defined pillar of mist, which, when we approached it, appeared to rise from a bottomless abyss, into which a mighty glacier-river fell. The vast roaring water-mass had bored for itself a vertical hole, probably down to the rock, certainly more than 2,000 feet beneath, on which the glacier rested.
Seite 370 - This tree is cultivated in most of the botanical gardens of Europe, and its extreme northern limit may be placed at lat. 53° N. For its existence it requires a summer temperature of 60° F.

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