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Letter of To what page m Subject of the note. the.heetof

note. text tt refers, the note.

tomb—Lord Bacon's will concerning

her 19

.1 .1 J ... cri ... King's speech as to the union and reli-
gion of these kingdoms, from jour-
nals 19

Q Q Q ... cxiii ... Value of medical knowledge, Plutarch
—extract from Dr. Garnet on the

same—Sir W. Temple ditto 19

R It R ... cxxiv ... On Bacon's juvenile tracts without

imagery or arrangement 19

WWW ... cxiii ... OnunprofitabU-inquiries in English uni-
versities—Shaftesbury, Hall, Milton,

Seneca 19

YYY ... cxiii ... Ignorance of a man's own mind—Fos-
ter's essays 20

Z Z Z Censure of Bacon by Judge Foster, from

a tract, Loud. 1766 20

A A A A Sutton, the founder of the Charter

House, alarmed at being made a peer

—his frugal life 20

BBBB ... ccxiii ... Bishop Williams's speech on the first

day of term on taktng his seat 20

X X X X Arratgnment of Sir W. Raleigh 20

Y Y Y Y Explanation of Coke's allusion to the

ship of fools 20

ZZZZ ... cciii ... Roll of "New Yeares Guyftes" to

Elizabeth 21

X O T Alan swerves from truth if actuated by

a stronger passion than the love of tt 21
X O V Obstacles to the advancement of learn-
ing and acquisition of knowledge .... 21
XOU ... ecxli ... Error as to the opinion of punishing lu-
natics 21

X O Y ... ccxxiii ... Stopping the patent as to separate col-
lege 21

GGG ... cxxv ... Proceedings against Bacon, from a tract
entitled Collection of Proceedings,
&c.—an account of Bushel—Bacon's
letter to the King, ice 22

Arolttton of presents to judges in
Ftance, note Z Z.

Advancement of Learning, to whom
presented, note AAA; different
editions of, note AAA.

Advocate, duty of, note 4 B, text 62.

Agnus, only word wolf makes of al-
phabet, note X O T.

Alfred, his division of time, note X O T.

Amias Paulet, text 9.

Ancients, Wisdom of, edition of, note

c c c.

Anne Bacon, wife of Harbottle Grim-
stone, account of, text 6.
Aphorisms, the favorite style of Bacon,

note 3K, text 37.
Apology by Bacon, concerning Essex,

note 3 Y, text 49.
Apology of Essex, written by himself,

note 3 V, text 45.
Arrest of Bacon for debt, note 3 O,

text 43.
Ascham, note E, text 2.
Atheism, arising from half-knowledge,

note 3 L, text 41.
Athens, reform of law in, nofe B B,

text 27.

Atlantis, New, note N, text 16.
Attempts to modernize essays, note 31,
text 36.

Aubrey, his petition against Bacon,

note G G G.
Authors, their observations on Novum

Organum, note B B B.
Autographs of Bacon in the books at

Grays Inn, note T, text 23.

Bacon, his desire to quit the law, note
Z, text 26; his judgment not in-
fluenced by presents, note Z Z;
liable to fainttng, note G, text 3;
his sensibility, note G, text 3; his
delicate health, note G, text 3;
Essex's care of him, note 3 H, tett
26; goes to France, when six-
teen, note O; letters from, to the
Lord Keeper, April, 1594, requiring
bis good offtces as to the solicitor-
ship, note HH, tejt 30; never re-
warded by Elizabeth, note Z Z, ttrt

27; his love of contemplation, note
FF F; his marriage, note HHH;
proceedings in parliament against,
note G G G; his pension, note

Bacon's letter to Burleigh to rescue
him from the law, note Z, text 26;
letter to Burleigh respecting the
Queen's intentions and liberality,
note 3 A, text 35; extraordinary
powers when a child, note H, text 3;
love of aphorisms, note 3 K, text
37 ; early writings without imagery,
note 3 K, text 37 ; essay on atheism,
note 3 L, text 41 ; letter to Essex
respecting his intended marriage,
note 3 M, text 42; chambers in
Gray's Inn, note T; love of con-
templation, notes S, T, text 22;
apology respecting Essex, extract
from, note Y, text 26; powers, active
or contemplative, note Z, text 26;
letter to the King on his love of re-
tirement, April, 1616,note S; apart-
ments, No. 1, Gray's Inn Square,
description of, note T, text 23; letter
to Lord Burghley desiring his good
offices and speaking of his capa-
bility either for contemplation or
action, note Z, text 26; speech upon
the subsidies, in Queen Elizabeth's
reign, note D D, text 28; letter to
the Lord Treasurer as to his speech
on the subsidies which offended the
Queen, and to Puckering thereon,
note E E, text 28 ; letter to Anthony
Bacon on the solicitor's place, 25th
June, 1594, note P P, text 31; let-
ter to the Queen upon the solicitor's
place, and upon her displeasure,
note Q Q, text 32; letter complain-
ing to the Lord Keeper Puckering
of his treatment, August 19, 1595.
note L L, text 30; letter to Bur-
leigh desiring his good offices, note
M M, tex t 30 ; suspicion of the Ce-
cils, extract from the Biographia,
charge against Cecil that he was
bribed, note N N, text 30; acknow-
ledgment that he was wrong in ac-

ruting Cecil of bribery, note O O,
tnt 31 ; letter to llurleigh noticing
his father's youth when first em-
ployed by the Queen, MdTT, tftt
33 . letter to Foulke Greville com-
plaining of the Queen, note V V,
tut 33 ; letter to the Earl of Devon-
shire respecting Essex's gift of an
estate, note W W, tet t 34; letter to
Essex declaring his intention to re-
tire after his disappointment, March
30,1594, note X X, text 34; inven-
tion of machine to show the motion
of the planets, note Y Y, text 34;
intention to travel after his disap-
pointment, letter to Cecil, note X X,
teal 34; patent for Lord Keeper,
mrle EEL; appointment as Lord
Keeper, falsehoods respecting, note
IKK, opinion of his own unfitness
for business, note S.

Bacon, Lady, buried in Bedfordshire,
note HHH; maiden name of,
Barnham, note H H H.

Bacon, Anthony, member for Walling-
ford. note A A, ten 27 ; member for
Middlesex, note A H, text 27; in-
troduced by Francis to Essex, note Y.

Bacon's mother, note I). tnt 1.

Bedel Ingram's account of grace
granted at Cambridge to Bacon,
note 3 B, text 35.

Ben Jonson, observations on Bacon's
early works without imagery, note

Bodley, letter to, from Bacon, on love
of retirement, note S, text 22.

Bodley, Sir Thomas, presented with
Advancement of Learning, note

Bribery.— See Judges, presents to;
charge of, Des Cartes' observations,
note ZZ; charge of, against Wil-
liams, note Z Z; charges of, fully
detailed, note G G G; interview be-
tween Bacon and King, note G G G;
charges of, nofe Z Z; refused by
Hale, note ZZ.

Brackley.—See Ellesmere.

Brograve and Brauthwayt preferred
to Bacon, by Lord Keeper Pucker-
rng, note K K, text 30.

Buckhurst presented with Advance-
ment of Learning, note AAA.

Buckingham, letter to, by Bacon, on
being accused, note Z Z.

Burghley's, Lord, objection to pay
Spenser for his poem, note X, text
26; letter from, to Bacon, on the
solicitorship, rwte K K, tc.\t 30.

Bushel, account of, note G G G; his
account of Bacon's not resisting
charge of bribery, note G G G.

Bushel's Abridgement, page 1, de-
scribing a glass invented by bacon,
note Y Y, text 34.

Butler, Charles, early riser, note

Camrrtdge University grace passed,
1504, note 3 B, text 35; thetr letter
upon receipt of Novum Organum,
note B B B.

Camden's account of Essex's trial,
note 4 C, text 70.

Cards, patent for, by Raleigh, note


Cartes.—See Des Cartes.
Chambers in Gray's Inn, Bacon's,
note T.

Chancellor, L'Hopital, his recreations,
note X O V.

Chancellor, Lord, presented with Ad-
vancement of Learning, note AAA.

Chancery, remedies for defects of,
note D D D.

Charge of bribery, note G G G.

Charges of bribery against Bacon, note

Charter House, note X O Y; founder
of, his noble conduct, note A A A A.

Cicero, his intellectual recreations,
note X O T.

Coke, Sir Edward, his remarks on
Novum Organum, note B B B.

Collegiate education of statesmen neg-
lected in England, note C C C.

Common Law, elements of, different
editions by Bacon, note 3 C, text 35.

Concealment and revelation of opinion,
note F F, text 28.

Contemplation, Bacon's love of, note
T, tett 22; noreFFF.

Contemplative life, note B, text 1.

Cooke, Sir Anthony, note B, text I.

Copies of Novum Organum, to whom
presented, note B BIB.

Curiosity, Idle, notes X O V, Q Q Q,
W W W.

D'aguesseap, note DDD.
Daughters of Sir A. Cooke, note B.
Death of Lord Ellesmere, note EE E.
Defects of chancery, remedies for,

note DDD.
Demetrius, note X O V.
Des Cartes, his observations upon

charge of bribery, note Z Z.
D'Ewes, Sir Simon, note XXXX;

Journal, extract from, note 3 S, trrt

44; extract from, relating to the
subsidies, note D D, text 28.

Digby, letter to, note Z Z.

Double nature of good, note 3 Z,

Dulwich College, note X O Y.

Enitions of Bacon's Essays, full ac-
count of, note 3 E, text 37; dif-
ferent, of Advancement of Learn-
ing, note AAA; of Novum Or-
ganum, note B 1513; of Wisdom of
Ancients, note C C C.

Education of statesmen neglected in
England, note CCC.

Egerton, Sir Thomas, letter to, note
3 O, text 43; his petition against
Bacon, note G G G.

Eldon, Lord, account of him, note

Elements of Common Law by Bacon,
different editions of, note 3 C, text

Elizabeth, her affliction at the death of
Essex, note 4 G, text 94 ; eulogium
upon, by Bacon, with notices by
lenisou and Rawley, note 4 H,
text 94; her neglect of Bacon, note
Z Z, text 27.

Ellesmere, Lord, resigns great seals,
note E E E.

England, judges in, presents to, note

Epices abolished in France by L'Ho-
pital, note Z Z; nature of, note Z Z;
origin of, note Z Z.

Erskine on duty of advocate, note 4 B,
text 62.

Essays of Bacon, various editions of,
note 3 I, text 37; in French, note
3 I, text 36; translations of, note
3 I, text 37 ; relating to administra-
tion of justice, note CCC; post-
humous, note 3 I, text 37 ; observa-
tions on, note 3 I, text 37 ; obser-
vations on, by Tenison, note 3 I,
text 37; in Italian, note 3 I, ten
36; modernized, note 3 I, text 26;
Korster's, note G G.

Essex, Bacon's friendship for, note Y,
text 26 ; his care of Bacon, note 311,
text 26; his apology by himself,
note 3 V, text 45; charge against,
in the house of lords, note 3 X, tea t
48; Bacon's apology respecting,
extract from, note Y, text 2.6; his
letter to Bacon after his confine-
ment, note 4 D, tjrt 78; his letters
to Bacon icspecting the solicitoi-
ship, September, 1593, and March,

1594, note PP, text 31; letters from,

to the Lord Keeper on Bacon's be- .

half, note 11, text 30.
Eulogium on Queen Elizabeth, letter

thereon, note 4 H, text 94.
Europe, state of, note Z, text 17 ; first

treatise of Bacon's, ibid.
Evelyn's memoirs, note X O V.
Expense of Chancery, note DUD.

Fainting, Bacon liable to, note G,
text 3.

Falseboods respecting Bacon's appoint-
ment as Lord Keeper, note E E E.

Family of Sir Nicholas, note C.

Father Fulgentio, note CCC.

Field, Doctor, note G G G.

Fish-ponds, Bacon's, note C.

Fools, shin of, note Y Y Y Y.

Forster, Judge, his observations on
Bacon, note Z Z Z.

Foster's essays, note Y Y Y.

Foulke Greville, letter from, to Bacon,
upon the solicitor's place, note R R,
text 32.

Founder of Charter House, his noble
conduct, note A A A A.

France, Bacon goes to, when sixteen,
note O; abolition of presents to
judges iu, note Z Z; custom of
epices, note Z Z; sale of offices abo-
lished in, note Z Z.

French ambassador's account of Queen
Elizabeth's affliction and decline,
note 4 G, text 94.

French essays, note X, text 36.

Friendship, note upon, note 3 S, text 48.

Fulgentio, father, note CCC.

Fuller, his praise of Bacon, note Z Z.

Furniture belonging to Sir Nicholas,
how preserved, note C.

Garnet, note Z Z Z.

General knowledge, importance of,
note L, text 11.

Giddy Hall, note B, text 1.

Glass tube to discover insensible per-
spiration invented by Lord Stanhope,
note Y Y.

Grammarian labouring on words, note

w vv vv.

Gray's Inn, Bacon's apartments there,
and autographs, and trees planted
by him, note T, text 23.

Gray's Inn Gardens, note T.

Great seal of Sir Nicholas, how pre-
served, note G.

Grey, Lady Jane, note E, text 2.

Grimstonc, Sir Harbottlc, account of,
note C.

Hale, Sir Matthew, on the duty of an

advocate, note 4 B, text 62; refused

presents, note Z Z.
Hale, note D D D.
Hale, note ZZ.
Hall, Bishop, note WWW.
Hastings, Str George, note G G G.
Hatfield, lunatic, note X 0 U.
Hatton, Lady, legend concerning, note

3 O, text 42.
Health of Bacon delicate, note G.

tezt 3.

Heme, his observations on Bacon's
conduct respecting the Charter
House, nofe X O Y.

Historical collections, by Jonson, ex-
tract from, note 2 Z, tezt 27.

Homer, extract from, as to presents,
note Z Z.

Homer's presents to judges, note Z Z.
HApital, see L'Hopital.
Hdpital abolishes epices, nofe Z Z.
Hungerford, note A.
Hunter, John, his ignorance of exist-
ing knowledge, note X O Y.

Idle curiosity, not« ZZZ, X O V,
W W W.

Ignorance of existing inventions, note
X O V.

Imagery discarded from Bacon's early
writings, note 3 K, text 37; note

Importance of maternal education,
note D.

Improvement of law, Bacon's different
suggestions, note C C, tezt 27.

Inscrtptions at Gorhambury, note C.

Intervtew between Bacon and the
King, pending bribery proceedings,
nofe G G G.

Intellectual recreations of Carew, note


Inventions, existing ignorance of, note


Italian, essays in, note 31, text 36.

Jenktns, Mr., note GGG.
Jeffries, Judge, his sensual recreations,

note XOV.
Johnson on duty of advocate, nofe 4 B,

text 62.

Jonson, Ben, his praise of Bacon, note

Journals of the House, extracts from,
note 3 S, text 44.

Judge Forster, his observation on Ba-
con, note ZZZ.

Judges in England, presents to, in all
times, note 2 Z; presents to, in Ho-

mer, note Z Z ; presents to, in Rome,
note Z Z.

Judgment of Bacon not influenced by

presents, note 2 Z.
Judicial virtues of Hale, note 2 Z.
Justice, administration,essays relating

to, note C C C.
Justice, universal, note R, text 22;

description and analysis of, note


Justitia universalis, description and
analysis of, note C C.

Ktno , his letter upon NovumOrganum,
note B B B; his interview wtth Ba-
con, pending bribery proceedings,
note GGG; his speech, note III.

Kings, presents to, note Z Z Z Z.

Knowledge, general importance of,
note L, text 11; of mtnd, import-
ance of, note WWW; destroys
atheism, note 3 L, text 41 ; obstacles
to, note XOV.

Lady Bacon, see Bacon's marriage,
. note H H H; epitaph on, nofe

Lansdowne MSS. notice of Bacon's
argument in Chudley's case, note
3Q, text 43.

Latin, essays in, note 3 L, text 36.

Law, gradual reform of, note BB, text

Law offices, sale of, abolished in
France, note 2 Z.

Law works, 1. elements of common
law, maxims of law, use of law,
statute of uses, office of constables,
office for alienations, nofe R.

Lawyers oppose reform of law, note

c c c.

Learning, nofe AAA.

Learning,advancement of, note A A A.

Lectures left by Bacon in Will, note
M, text 13.

Letter to Essex, from Bacon, offering
his services when enlarged, note 4 D,
text 78; to Cecil, complaining of
being arrested for debt, note 3 0,
text 43; to Sir J. Egerton, com-
plaining of being arrested for debt,
nofe 3 O, text 43; to the King, from
Bacon, on his love of retirement,
April, 1616, note S; to Bodley,
from Bacon, stating his own unfit-
ness for business, note S ; from Bacon
to Essex, on his love of retirement,
nofe S, text 22; to Lord Treasurer,
on love of retirement, note S, text 22;
to Lord Burghley, from Bacon,

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