Proceedings and Papers, Bände 3-4

Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1851
Pedigrees and arms of various families of Lancashire and Cheshire included in many of the volumes.

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Seite 24 - Far from me and from my friends be such frigid philosophy, as may conduct us indifferent and unmoved over any ground which has been dignified by wisdom, bravery, or virtue. That man is little to be envied, whose patriotism would not gain force upon the plain of Marathon, or whose piety would not grow warmer among the ruins of lona.
Seite 82 - Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast : for it is the number of a man ; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Seite 58 - The other Shape — If shape it might be called that shape had none Distinguishable in member, joint, or limb; Or substance might be called that shadow seemed, For each seemed either — black it stood as Night, Fierce as ten Furies, terrible as Hell, And shook a dreadful dart: what seemed his head The likeness of a kingly crown had on.
Seite 58 - The other shape, If shape it might be call'd, that shape had none Distinguishable in member, joint, or limb, Or substance might be call'd that shadow seem'd, For each seem'd either ; black it stood as night, Fierce as ten furies, terrible as hell, And shook a dreadful dart ; what seem'd his head The likeness of a kingly crown had on.
Seite 48 - Thomas or his heirs, upon our forfeiture of Ten Pounds. Wherefore we will and firmly command, for us and our heirs, that he, &c.
Seite 45 - ... of forest laws imported from the continent, whereby the slaughter of a beast was made almost as penal as the death of a man. In the Saxon times, though no man was allowed to kill or chase the king's deer, yet he might start any game, pursue...
Seite 59 - ... pars illorum erit in stagno ardenti igne et sulphure: quod est mors secunda.
Seite 47 - ... was invented to protect them, by giving the grantee a sole and exclusive power of killing such game so far as his warren extended, on condition of his preventing other persons.
Seite 110 - An Account of the Preservation of King Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester, drawn up by himself.
Seite 111 - So after he had given us some cold meat that was ready, we, without making any bustle in the house, went and lay in the barn all the next day ; when towards evening, his son, who had been prisoner at Shrewsbury, an honest man, was released and came home to his father's house. And as soon as ever it began to be a little darkish, Mr. Woolfe and his son brought us meat into the barn ; and...

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