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Seite 58 - I'll tell you who time ambles withal, who time trots withal, who time gallops withal, and who he stands still withal.
Seite 215 - CATALOGUE OF BOOKS. HARPER & BROTHERS, 82 Cliff-street, New- York, have just issued a new and complete catalogue of their publications, which will be forwarded, without charge, to any part of the United States, upon application to them personally or by mail post paid.
Seite 115 - There are many considerations which urge me not to miss this opportunity of sailing: the expectation of my friends; my private affairs, which have now been long neglected ; the number of pirates in the channel ; and the charge of the noble lady (Lady Mordaunt) with whom I am about to travel. But I trust that you will believe me when I say that I have found here another country, and I might almost...
Seite 72 - Those impressions sink more deeply into our hearts than any others we ever receive. They are, as it were, the mould from which the clay takes its form while it is yet soft and unhardened by the fire of the world; and thus it was that Annette de St. Morin derived from the scenes in which she was accustomed to move peculiar habits of feeling which affected the whole course of her thoughts.
Seite 163 - Castelneau had observed had cast him, in turn, into a revery; and, notwithstanding all his natural command over himself, he could not resist the strong impression upon him, but remained till dinner was announced somewhat silent and gloomy, occupied by one of those internal struggles which absorb all the energies of the mind, and leave the material organs to act merely as parts of a machine, moved by the great spring of habit. By the time, however, that the meal was served and he had sat down to table...
Seite 104 - Morin's cheek, and the young officer was looking upon the floor, somewhat pale; but the count, though he paused a moment as he entered, and looked from the one to the other, made no observation ; and seated himself near the window, bearing such an aspect that conversation was renewed with difficulty, and each subject was dropped again as soon as it was started. At length the baron rose, and taking his leave, mounted his horse in the courtyard, and rode away from the chateau. The count watched hun...
Seite 105 - The days passed on, as they will pass in sickness or in health, flying like the shadow of a cloud, and leaving nothing behind. Some gradual improvement took place in the health of the count ; and one day, after what seemed an effort to command himself, he asked whether any one had lately called at the chateau. Annette replied that there had been no one. " Not the family of Cajare ?" he said. " Not for ten days,
Seite 95 - Donnine, and give orders that apartments be immediately prepared for our distinguished guests." Madame de Cajare and Monsieur de Cajare made a thousand formal apologies ; declared that Mademoiselle de St. Morin would think them the most rude and unceremonious people in the world ; but explained that they were on their way to pay a visit to the small town of Fons, and that one of their horses having cast a shoe, and detained them till that late hour, Madame de Cajare was far too timid to pass through...
Seite 72 - ... impressions which we receive in youth through any of the senses depend, in a great degree, the tastes, if not the feelings, which form our happiness or unhappiness in after years. Those impressions sink more deeply into our hearts than any others we ever receive. They are...
Seite 71 - ... was beautiful in the first writers in his own and other countries. One thing, however, he excluded entirely, which was that class of composition which was then generally called philosophy. He said that a man who had...

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