Manual of mineralogy including observations on mines, rocks, reduction of ores, and the applications of the science to the arts, with 260 illustrations, designed for the use of schools and colleges.


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Seite 411 - Cologne, (Hamburgh, etc.,) = 8 oz. = 3608 Eng. grs. The Russian pood (or pud) = 40 Russian pounds = 36 English pounds avoirdupois. 12 inches English, 1 foot. 3 feet, 1 yard. 40 rods, 1 furlong. 8 furlongs, 1 mile. 3 miles, 1 league.
Seite 221 - ... of 8 parts of bismuth, 5 of lead, and 3 of tin ; or better of lOJ parts of bismuth, 5 parts of lead, and 3 of tin.
Seite 49 - I.) ; hence the sum of all the angles, both interior and exterior, is equal to twice as many right angles as there are sides to the polygon. But the sum of the interior angles alone, less four right angles, is equal to the same sum (Prop.
Seite 310 - This metal fuses readily before the "compound blowpipe :" and Dr. Hare succeeded in 1837 in melting twenty-eight ounces into one mass.* The metal was almost as malleable and as good for working as that obtained by the other process ; it had a specific gravity of 19*8. He afterwards succeeded in obtaining from the ore masses which were 90 per cent, platinum, and as malleable as the metal in ordinary...
Seite 370 - Soluble glass. A simple silicate of potash or soda, or of both of these alkalies. Bohemian or crown glass. Silicate of potash and lime. Common window and mirror glass.

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