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Department Bulletin Xo. 701.—The Chemical Analysis Of Wheat-

Flour Substitutes And The Breads Made Thereprom: Pa«e-

Object of the investigation 1

Analytical work: •

Character of flours and breads analyzed 1

Methods of analysis 3

Results of the analysis 3

Summary 9

Publications of the United States Department of Agricult.ire relating to

breadstuffs 11

Department Bulletin No. 702.—Efficiency Of Commercial Eoo Candling:

Purpose of the investigation ' 1

Plan and scope of investigation 2

Relation of quality of eggs to accuracy in candling 3

Efficiency of candling bad egg* in receipts 6

Efficiency of candling rejects 11

Accuracy of candling crews 14

Summary 18

Publications of the United Stales Department of Agriculture relating to

the production and marketing of eggs 22

Department Bulletin Xo. 703.—Miscellaneous Truck-crop Insects In


I. Insects injurious to the globe artichoke in Louisiana:


Injury caused by the artichoke aphis, yfyzus braggii 1

Enemies of the artichoke aphis 2

Injury caused by the bean aphis, Aphis rumicis 2

Control of the aphids attacking artichoke 3

Other insects attacking the globe artichoke in Louisiana - , 4

II. The granulated cutworm, an important enemy of vegetable crops in


Introduction 1

Xature of damage 8

Description of stages 8

Food plants 9

Life history and habits 10

Enemies 12

Methods of control _; 12

III. Experiments in controlling the tomato fruitworm with arsenicals:

Spraying and dusting experiments 15

Department Bulletin Xo. 704.--typical Specifications For Xonbitu-

Minou8 Road Materials:

Introduction 1


Appendix I—Methods of testing 27

Appendix II—Methods of selecting and shipping samples 35

Detailed table of contents 39

Index of materials and use 40

Department Bulletin Xo. 705.—Profitable Management Op General

Farms In The Willamette Valley, Oreoon:

Scope of the bulletin 1

Summary and conclusion? 1

Agricultural history of the valley 2

Types of soil 3

Definitions of terms used 3

Use and value of land 5

Use of capital 5

Types of farming 6

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