Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science, Band 93

Chemical news office., 1906

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Seite 54 - Protactinium Radium Radon Rhenium Rhodium Rubidium Ruthenium Samarium Scandium Selenium Silicon Silver Sodium Strontium Sulfur...
Seite 34 - Effluents produced in Glue and Gelatine Making. — Liquid and other Glues, Cements, &c.— Uses of Glue and Gelatine. — Residual Products, — Analysis of Raw and Finished Products. — APPENDIX.— INDEX. ''A sufficient account of modern methods of working, chiefly from a practical standpoint. A book . . . of real value.
Seite 166 - Urinals, closet bowls, sinks, washtubs, bathtubs, pitchers, sewer pipe, ventilating flues, foundation blocks, vitrified bricks. Decorative. — Ornamental pottery, terra cotta, majolica, garden furniture, tombstones. Minor uses. — Food adulterant; paint fillers; paper filling; electric insulators; pumps; fulling cloth; scouring soap; packing for horses' feet; chemical apparatus; condensing worms; Ink bottles; ultramarine manufacture; emery wheels; playing marbles ; battery cups ; pins, stilts,...
Seite 34 - Alkali, &c. —Destructive Distillation Artificial Manure— Petroleum— Lime and Cement— Clay and Glass — Sugar and Starch — Brewing and Distilling — Oils, Resins, and Varnishes— Soap and Candles — Textiles and Bleaching — Colouring Matters, Dyeing, and Printing — Paper and Pasteboard — Pigments and Paints — Leather, Glue, and Size — Explosives and Matches — Minor Manufactures. " Certainly a GOOD and USBFUI. BOOK, constituting a PRACTICAL GUIDE for students by affording...
Seite 82 - In Handsome Cloth. With 59 Illustrations. 6s. net. SMOKE ABATEMENT. A Manual for the Use of Manufacturers, Inspectors, Medical Officers of Health, Engineers, and Others. BY WILLIAM NICHOLSON, Chief Smoke Inspector to the Sheffield Corporation.
Seite 224 - The Steam Boiler and other Sources of Power.— General Remarks on the Application of Heat in Chemical Engineering.— The Funnel and its Technical Equivalents.— The Mortar and its Technical Equivalents.— Measuring Instruments and their Technical Equivalents.
Seite 24 - A compound of this kind, though unstable in itself (since the vapour above the solutions contains iron carbonyl and the concentrated solutions deposit some solid), may yet be unacted upon by light. The existence of this compound is rendered probable by the fact that solutions of iron carbonyl in nickel carbonyl have such a pale colour compared to solutions of the same concentration in other solvents.
Seite 294 - Infectious Diseases Acts. — Factory and Workshop Acts. — Housing of the Working-Classes Act.— Shop Hours Acts. — Sale of Food and Drugs Acts. — The Margarine Acts. — Sale of Horseflesh, &c.. Rivers Pollution. — Canal Boats Act. — Diseases of Animals. — Dairies, Cowsheds and Milkshops Order.
Seite 30 - The results of the research will be communicated to the Iron and Steel Institute in the form of a paper to be submitted to the annual general meeting of members, and if the Council consider the paper to be of sufficient merit, the Andrew Carnegie gold medal will be awarded to its author.

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