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The want of a correct Text of Shakspere, in a neat form, and at a cheap rate, has long been felt. It is now generally acknowledged that the received Text, that of Steevens (inaccurately called the text of Steevens and Malone), is shamefully disfigured through the tasteless and unwarrantable deviations from the original copies, made by the modern Editors of Shakspere. The text given by Mr. Knight, in his Pictorial and Library Editions, is founded upon the most careful collations; and a reason is assigned in those editions for every deviation from the received text of the modern copies. To print the Text of the Works of Shakspere, such as we may judge that it proceeded from his pen, so as to make his real words accessible to all, is the object of “The Cabinet Edition.' Alexander applied the perfume-Cabinet of Darius to a noble use: I will have it,' he said, “to serve for a case for Homer's books. The works of Shakspere, in like manner, deserve a Cabinet that may always be at hand, like the case for Homer's books.' This Cabinet Edition will not be rendered bulky by much Commentary. A few glossarial Notes will be added to the Text, to explain words and sentences which are not familiar to the general reader.

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