Calcareous cements: their nature, manufacture & uses with some observations upon cement testing


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Seite 71 - Destructive Distillation— Artificial Manure— Petroleum— Lime and Cement — Clay and Glass — Sugar and Starch — Brewing and Distilling — Oils, Resins, and Varnishes— Soap and Candles — Textiles and Bleaching — Colouring Matters, Dyeing, and Printing — Paper and Pasteboard — Pigments and Paints — Leather, Glue, and Size — Explosives and Matches — Minor Manufactures. • • Certainly a GOOD and USEFUL BOOK, constituting a PRACTICAL GUIDE for students by affording a clear...
Seite 35 - A MANUAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS : Comprising the Principles of Statics and Cinematics, and Theory of Structures, Mechanism, and Machines. With Numerous Diagrams Crown 8vo, cloth. SEVENTEENTH EDITION. 12s. 6d. A MANUAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING : Comprising Engineering Surveys, Earthwork, Foundations, Masonry, Carpentry, Metal Work, Roads, Railways, Canals, Rivers, Waterworks, Harbours, &c.
Seite 294 - Pats of neat cement about three inches in diameter, one-half inch thick at the center, and tapering to a thin edge, shall be kept in moist air for a period of twenty-four hours.
Seite 83 - Large 8vo. Profusely Illustrated with Plates and Figures in the Text. 16s. net. THE SPINNING AND TWISTING OF LONG VEGETABLE FIBRES (FLAX, HEMP, JUTE. TOW, & RAMIE). A Practical Manual of the most Modern Methods as applied to the Hackling, Carding Preparing, Spinning, and Twisting of the Long Vegetable Fibres of Commerce. BY HERBERT R. CARTER, Belfast and Lille.
Seite 38 - CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE. A Manual for Shipbuilders, Ship Superintendents, Students, and Marine Engineers. BY THOMAS WALTON, NAVAL ARCHITECT, AUTHOR OF
Seite 46 - Prof. SMITH'S CONVERSION-TABLES form the most unique and comprehensive collection ever placed before the profession. By their use much time and labour will be saved, and the chances of error in calculation diminished.
Seite 28 - Boilers — 425 Experiments on English and Foreign Boilers with their Heat Efficiencies shown in Fifty Tables — Fire Grates of Various Types — Mechanical Stokers — Combustion of Fuel in Boilers — Transmission of Heat through Boiler Plates, and their Temperature — Feed Water Heaters, Superheaters, Feed Pumps, &c. — Smoke and its Prevention — Instruments used in Testing Boilers — Marine and Locomotive Boilers — Fuel Testing Stations — Discussion of the Trials and Conclusions —...
Seite 85 - GENERAL CONTENTS. — The Materials of the Earth — A Mountain Hollow —Down the Valley — Along the Shore — Across the Plains — Dead Volcanoes —A Granite Highland— The Annals of the Earth— The Surrey Hills— The Folds of the Mountains. "The FASCINATING ' OpEN-AlK STUDIES' Of PnOF. OOLE give the subject a GLOW OF ANIMATION . . . cannot fail to arouse keen interest in geology."— Geological Magazine.
Seite 36 - SHELTON-BEY (W. Vincent, Foreman to the Imperial Ottoman Gun Factories, Constantinople) : THE MECHANIC'S GUIDE : A Hand-Book for Engineers and Artizans. With Copious Tables and Valuable Recipes for Practical Use. Illustrated. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, 7/6.
Seite 34 - Fully Illustrated. STEAM AND STEAM-ENGINES, INCLUDING TURBINES AND BOILERS. For the Use of Engineers and for Students preparing for Examinations. With 800 pp., over 400 Illustrations, II Plates, many B.

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