Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Ausgabe 316


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Seite 519 - Emmons. 1907. 98 pp., 5 pis. B 304. Oil and gas fields of Greene County, Pa., by RW Stone and FG Clapp. 1907. 110 pp., 3 pis.
Seite 519 - B 283. Geology and mineral resources of Mississippi, by AF Crider. 1906. 99 pp., 4 pis.
Seite 540 - Clapp. 1907. 145 pp., 8 pis. B 303. Preliminary account of Goldfield, Bullfrog, and other mining districts in southern Nevada, by FL Ransome, with notes on the Manhattan district, by GH Garrey and WH Emmons.
Seite 454 - Newfoundland into this country during the year 1907; whilst, according to the statistics published by the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce...
Seite 2 - BULLETIN 9. Recent development of the producer-gas power plant in the United States, by RH Fernald.
Seite 441 - ... vertical, three-cylinder, single-acting. A brief consideration of these points will lead at once to the conclusion that the producer-gas plant and steam plant used in these tests compare very favorably, and that any increase in efficiency in the boiler tests that might result from using a compound engine can be offset by the introduction of...
Seite 223 - In order to make determinations of the loosely held moisture more uniform and definite, a special drying oven has been designed and introduced into the laboratory. In this oven samples of several pounds weight can be dried in a gentle current of air raised from 10° to 20° above the temperature of the laboratory. In this way the coal is...
Seite 517 - Huntington folio. West Virginia-Ohio, description, by MR Campbell. Geologic Atlas US, folio 69, 1900, pp. 5-6. Charleston folio. West Virginia, description, by MR Campbell. Geologic Atlas US. folio 72, 1901. pp. 6-9.
Seite 366 - ... of the United States Geological Survey fuel-testing plant at St. Louis, Mo.
Seite 290 - ... from roof to floor, including all of the benches of coal mined and such impurities as were not removed in ordinary work. This cut was about 3 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The coal obtained from it, amounting to 25...

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