Allen's Commercial Organic Analysis: A Treatise on the Properties, Modes of Assaying, and Proximate Analytical Examination of the Various Organic Chemicals and Products Employed in the Arts, Manufactures, Medicine, Etc., with Concise Methods for the Detection and Estimation of Their Impurities, Adulterations, and Products of Decomposition ...

P. Blakiston's son & Company, 1910

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Seite 119 - These three holes may be closed and uncovered by means of a slide moving in grooves, and having perforations corresponding to those on the lid. In moving the slide so as to uncover the holes, the oscillating lamp is caught by a pin fixed in the slide, and tilted in such a way as to bring the end of the spout just below the surface of the lid. Upon the slide being pushed back so as to cover the holes, the lamp returns to its original position. Upon the cover, in front of and in...
Seite 98 - Gooch crucible is of a special form, with a large filtering surface. It holds 30 cc, is 4.4 cm. wide at the top tapering to 3.6 cm. at the bottom, and 2.6 cm. deep. This is much better for percolation work than the usual narrow form of Gooch.
Seite 68 - Place 1 gram of fresh, undried, powdered coal in a platinum crucible weighing 20 or 30 grams and having a tightly fitting cover. Heat over the full flame of a Bunsen burner for seven minutes. The crucible should be supported on a platinum triangle, with the bottom 6 to 8 centimeters above the top of the burner.
Seite 67 - C. and weighed. The filtrate containing the bitumen is evaporated, the bituminous residue burned, and the weight of the ash thus obtained added to that of the residue in the two flasks and the crucible. The sum of these weights deducted from the weight of substance taken gives the weight of bitumen extracted.
Seite 66 - Erlenmeyer flask, the tare of which has been previously ascertained, and treated with 100 cc of carbon disulphide. The flask is then loosely corked and shaken from time to time until practically all large particles of the material have been broken up, when it is set aside and not disturbed for 48 hours.
Seite 182 - ... the methane series, obtained by distilling off the lighter and more volatile portions from petroleum, and purifying the residue.
Seite 119 - ... is not under any circumstances to be altered. When the cup has been placed in the proper position, the scale of the thermometer faces the operator.
Seite 118 - The test lamp is prepared for use by fitting it with a piece of flat plaited candlewick, and filling it with colza or rape oil up to the lower edge of the opening of the spout or wick tube. The lamp is trimmed so that when lighted it gives a flame of about...
Seite 595 - A ring of moisture will about this time be deposited upon the sides of the test tube a little above the cover of the bath ; the glass rod must then be lowered until the lower margin of the moistened part of the paper is on a level with the bottom of the ring of moisture in the tube ; the paper is now closely watched. The test is complete when a very faint brown coloration makes its appearance at the line of boundary between the dry and moist parts of the paper.

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