The Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, and the State of Europe During the Early Part of the Reign of Louis XIV.

Robert Vaughan
H. Colburn, 1839

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Seite xci - I think it my duty to tell you that it is not for the profit of these Nations, nor for common and public good, for you to continue here any longer. And therefore I do declare unto you, That I do dissolve this Parliament.
Seite xiv - I do not know any formed act of either house (for neither the remonstrance or votes of the last day were such) that was not agreeable to the wisdom and justice of great courts, upon those extraordinary occasions. And whoever considers the acts of power and injustice in the intervals of parliament, will not be much scandalized at the warmth and vivacity of those meetings.
Seite xiv - It is not to be denied, that there were, in all those parliaments, especially in that of the fourth year, several passages, and distempered speeches of particular persons, not fit for the dignity and honour of those places, and unsuitable to the reverence due to his majesty and his councils.
Seite 81 - My Lord Protector's Mother, of Ninety' four years old, died last night. A little before her death she gave my 'Lord her blessing, in these words : " The Lord cause His face to shine ' upon you ; and comfort you in all your adversities ; and enable you to ' do great things for the glory of your Most High God, and to be a relief 43 Thurloe, i. 652 3 ; Ludlow, ii. 508. ' unto His People. My dear Son, I leave my heart with thee. A good ' night ! " ' u — and therewith sank into her long sleep.
Seite 64 - Writ of Return, and such a consent testified as will make it appear that the same is accepted, I HAVE CAUSED A STOP TO BE PUT TO YOUR ENTRANCE INTO THE PARLIAMENT HOUSE.
Seite lxxvi - Colonel Hutchinson privately discoursing with his cousin about the communications he had had with the king, Ireton's expressions were these : " He gave us words, and we paid him in his own coin, when we found he had no real intention to the people's good, but to prevail by our factions, to regain by art what he had lost in fight.
Seite lxxxvi - Whether any of the qualifications reached " so far as to include" the Presbyterian Party. And we were bold to tell them, That none of that judgment who had deserted this Cause and Interest should have any power therein.
Seite 151 - Thus you have the true state of this business, with this further, that all the counties of England would, instead of rising for them, have risen against them; and the Protector could, if there had been need, have drawn into the field, within fourteen days, twenty thousand men, besides the standing army. So far are they mistaken who dream that the affections of this people are towards the House of Stuart.
Seite lix - Certainly my affections to you are so unchangeable, that hostility itself cannot violate my friendship to your person ; but I must be true to the cause wherein I serve. The old limitation, usque ad aras, holds still ; and, where my conscience is interested, all other obligations are swallowed up.
Seite 64 - Thing," as you will find there, is a bit of Parchment with these words engrossed on it: " I do hereby freely promise, and engage myself, to be true and faithful to the Lord Protector and the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland ; and shall not [according to the tenor of the Indenture whereby I am returned to serve in this present Parliament) propose, or give my consent, to alter the Government as it is settled in a Single Person and a Parliament."^ Sign that, or go home again to your countries.