Harmony in the Body

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 104 Seiten
For several generations, the Body of Christ has been persistently troubled with disharmony among believers and denominations. On the one hand is the prayer of the Lord Jesus for unity in John Chapter 17. On the other hand is the strife and disunity that often characterize our relationships with one another within His Body. The mystery of the Body of Christ has often been discussed among believers with respect to the union between the Head, namely Christ, and His Body, the Church. "Harmony in the Body" presents another often underemphasized aspect which is the interrelationships among members of the Body of Christ. This book challenges the reader to appreciate the fact that unity in the Body of Christ also requires that its members see each other as one spiritual body. This has implications for all levels of Christian profession, organization and ministry. "Harmony in the Body" speaks directly to interrelationships among Christians in small or large group settings. It presents how the message of Christ should govern the daily interactions among Christians at the local church level. It also provides insights for resolving denominational tensions. Local pastors will find this book a useful tool as they nurture zealous, up-and-coming Christians within the proper boundaries of church organizations and ministries. This book will urge every Christian to better appreciate their place in the Body of Christ and how their role in the Great Commission fits into the overall plan and purpose of God.

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