Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Band 68;Bände 1907-1908

Priestley and Weale, 1908
Includes lists of additions to the Society's library, usually separately paged.

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Seite 248 - ... the cornea, the aqueous humour, the crystalline lens and the vitreous humour.
Seite 66 - ... to-night, in purpose at least, to the amateur; but my definition of the amateur is perhaps a broader one than is generally accepted. According to my view, the amateur is the man who works in astronomy because he cannot help it, because he would rather do such work than anything else in the world, and who therefore cares little for hampering traditions or for difficulties of any kind.
Seite 249 - C du spectre solaire. En faisant mouvoir la fente du spectroscope, de manière à balayer méthodiquement la région que j'explorais, cette ligne persistait; mais elle se modifiait dans sa longueur et dans l'éclat de ses diverses parties, accusant ainsi une grande variabilité dans la hauteur et dans le pouvoir lumineux des diverses régions de la protubérance.
Seite 546 - An Example of Professor Karl Pearson's Calculation of Correlation in the case of the Periodic Inequalities of Long-period Variables.
Seite 305 - Some idea of the magnitude of the undertaking may be gathered from the fact that it had been in progress for thirteen years. With a very few exceptions the stars selected were those having proper motions exceeding 40" per century, and not hitherto observed for parallax.
Seite 150 - On the number of stars of determined magnitude and determined galactic latitude.

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