A Handbook for Women Engaged in Social and Political Work

Helen Blackburn

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Seite 28 - That no widow shall be entitled to dower out of any land which shall have been absolutely disposed of by her husband in his lifetime, or by his will.
Seite 28 - And be it further enacted, that all partial estates and interests, and all charges created by any disposition or will of a husband, and all debts, incumbrances, contracts, and engagements to which his land shall be subject or liable, shall be valid and effectual as against the right of his widow to dower.
Seite 34 - ... control thereof to the mother : Provided always, that no Court shall enforce any such agreement if the Court shall be of opinion that it will not be for the benefit of the infant or infants to give effect thereto.
Seite 36 - An Act to amend the Law relating to Divorce and Matrimonial Causes in England.
Seite 37 - ... shall be made in favour of a wife who shall be proved to have committed adultery, unless such adultery has been condoned ; and that any order for...
Seite 28 - II, c. 10] : (2) Be it declared by the authority aforesaid: That neither the said act, nor any thing therein contained, shall be construed to extend to the estates of feme coverts that shall die intestate, but that their husbands may demand and have administration of their rights, credits, and other personal estates, and recover and enjoy the same, as they might have done before the making of the said act.
Seite 38 - By section 2 it is enacted that it shall be no defence to a charge or indictment for an indecent assault on a young person under the age of thirteen to prove that he or she consented to the act of indecency.
Seite 37 - Where an Information on Oath is laid before a Justice by a Superintendent of Police, charging to the Effect that the Informant has good Cause to believe that a Woman therein named is a common Prostitute...
Seite 29 - That where a husband shall devise any land out of which his widow would be entitled to dower if the same were not so devised, or any estate or interest therein, to or for the benefit of his widow, such widow shall not be entitled to dower out of or in any land of her said husband, unless a contrary intention shall be declared by his will.
Seite 36 - ... it shall be lawful for any wife to present a petition to the said Court, praying that her marriage may be dissolved, on the ground that since the celebration thereof her husband has been guilty of incestuous adultery, or of bigamy with adultery, or of...

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