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Warwick, Earl, dying speech of, 299
Wealth, vanity of, 263
Wife, a good one, 313

Wife, her duty to her husband, 134
Wife should be younger than hus-
band, 13

Witches, description of, 72
Wolsey's death, 318

Wolsey's speech to Cromwell, 317
Wolsey's vices and virtues, 319
Woman, an ambitious, 289
Woman's fears, 215
Woman's tears, 178
Woman's tongue, 133
Women's eyes, 159
Word, sanctity of, 322
World, true value of, 106

YORK, Duchess of, lamentation for
her family, 306

York, Duke of, in battle, 295

York, Duke of, on gallantry of his

[blocks in formation]

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