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W HAT'S in a name ?" If there be

truth at the bottom of this query, a

writer should not be too strictly chal

* lenged in christening his book. A name to call it by will suffice, as with ourselves, who rarely rejoice in characteristic appellatives. Messrs. Black, White, and Smith, are sufficiently so designated, although the first be fair, the second swarthy, and the last a weakling, whose white hand could have forged nothing stronger than a cheque.

The present volume, it is hoped, however, will sufficiently connect with its title; for it has something on life and conduct, three papers on law, and a great deal about literature. The first of the following essays, originally delivered as a lecture, retains the phraseology, which it was thought in

expedient to alter. The next six papers appeared in a monthly serial, and the eighth in an annual, and under the signature, T. E. Cour, an anagram of the author's surname in Spanish. For reasons that concern but himself, he will use this signature no more, and has indulged a whim in inserting here what he has written under it.

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