Gas and Fuel Analysis for Engineers: A Compend for Those Interested in the Economical Application of Fuel. Prepared Especially for the Use of Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

J. Wiley & sons, 1912 - 139 Seiten

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Seite 108 - SPECIFIC HEATS OF GASES.* Air 0.019 Carbon dioxide 0.027 Carbonic oxide o.oig Hydrogen 0.019 " llluminants " 0.040 Methane 0.027 Nitrogen 0.019 Oxygen 0.019 The "volumetric...
Seite 121 - A small quantity of coal will be taken from each weighing hopper just before the hopper is dumped while the lighter is being unloaded. These quantities will be thrown into a receptacle provided for the purpose, and when the lighter is empty the contents of the receptacle will be thoroughly mixed, and a sample of this mixture will be taken for chemical analysis. This average sample of coal will be labeled and held for one week after the unloading of the lighter. The sample taken from the mixture for...
Seite 125 - F.) ; the oil should be rejected if its specific gravity is above 0.97 at that temperature. 6. It should be mobile, free from solid or semi-solid bodies, and should flow readily, at ordinary atmospheric temperatures and under a head of I foot of oil, through a 4-inch pipe 10 feet in length.
Seite 73 - The flame should be fully 20 centimeters high when burning free, and the determination should be made in a place free from drafts. The upper surface of the cover should burn clear, but the under surface should remain covered with carbon. To find volatile combustible matter subtract the per cent of moisture from the loss found here.
Seite 14 - ... and the reading taken. The difference between this and the initial reading represents the cubic centimeters of carbon dioxide present in the gas. To be certain that all the carbon dioxide is removed, the gas should be passed a second time into P' and the reading taken as before; these readings should agree within o.
Seite 54 - For the preparation of potassium pyrogallate for special work, 120 grams of the commercial hydrate is dissolved in 100 cc. of water. Potassium Pyrogallate. — Except for use with the Orsat or Hempel apparatus, this solution should be prepared only when wanted. The most convenient method is to weigh out 5 grams of the solid acid upon a paper, pour it into a funnel inserted in the reagent bottle, and pour upon it 100 cc. of potassium hydrate (a) or (ff).
Seite 122 - . values. For coal in any lighter which is found by test to contain, per pound of dry coal, from — 15,501 and above 28 cents per ton above standard. 15,101 to 15,150, both inclusive ^20 cents per ton above standard. 14,601 to 14,650, both inclusive 10 cents per ton above standard. 14,101 to 14,150, both inclusive Standard. 13,601 to 13,650, both inclusive 10 cents per ton below standard.
Seite 125 - The name or designation of the field from which the oil is obtained. (c) Whether the oil is a crude oil, a refinery residue, or a distillate. (d) The name and location of the refinery ,'if the oil has been refined at all. (13) The fuel oil is to be delivered fob cars or vessel, according to the manner of shipment, at such places, at such times, and in such quantities as may be required, during the fiscal year ending (14) Should the contractor, for any reason, fail to comply with a written order to...
Seite 125 - It should be rejected if it contains more than 2 per cent water. 10. It should be rejected if it contains more than 1 per cent sulphur. 11. It should not contain more than a trace of sand, clay or dirt.
Seite 129 - ... end of the flow — a dozen or more dipperfuls in all. These samples are poured into a clean drum and well shaken. If the oil is heavy, the dipperfuls of oil may be poured into a clean pail and thoroughly stirred. For a ' complete analysis the final sample should contain at least 4 liters (about 1 gallon). This sample should be poured into a clean can, soldered tight and forwarded to the laboratory. It is important that the dipper be filled with oil at uniform intervals of time and that the dipper...

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