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Et vos, O Lauri, carpam, et te, proxima Myrte,
Sic positae quoniam fuaves miscetis odores. VIRGIL:


Printed for ROBERTURIE,


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CO) N I E N T S.

ESSAY on tragedy. Addressed to Henry St.

John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. Page 1 Of love-intrigues in tragedy. In a letter to father Poree.

25 A defence of the laws of the drama, concerning

the unities of action, place and time; against the opinion of monsieur de la Motte. In the preface to Oedipus.

26 Of elegance of expression in tragedy. In the preface to Herod and Mariamne.

48 Of simplicity in tragedy, 'etc. Addressed to Sir

Everad Falkener, an English merchant. Prefixed to the tragedy of Zara.

56 of delicacy and decency in tragedy, etc.

second letter to Sir Everard Falkener, ambafsador at Constantinople. Taken from the second edition of Zara.

65 Of the advantage of literature to ladies of qua

lity. In a letter to the marchionefs du Chaselet, on sending her the tragedy of Alzira.

77 Of

envy that attends merit and success in literature. In a preliminary discourse to the tragedy of Alzira.

85 A defence of the tragedy of Mahomet, against

the charge of encouraging fanaticism.

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