The Medico-legal Journal, Bände 41-42

A. W. Herzog, 1924

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Seite 56 - Life is the immediate gift of God, a right inherent by nature in every individual; and it begins in contemplation of law as soon as an infant is able to stir in the mother's womb.
Seite 58 - although there be no precedent, the common law will judge according to the law of nature and the public good.
Seite 79 - Just when a scientific principle or discovery crosses the line between the experimental and demonstrable stages is difficult to define. Somewhere in this twilight zone the evidential force of the principle must be recognized, and while courts will go a long way in admitting expert testimony deduced from a well-recognized scientific principle or discovery, the thing from which the deduction is made must be sufficiently established to have gained general acceptance in the particular field in which...
Seite 83 - injury" and "personal injury" as used in this act shall be construed to mean only violence to the physical structure of the body, and such disease or infection as naturally results therefrom; and...
Seite 27 - Therefore no misconception as to the character, fortune, health or temper, however brought about, will support an allegation of fraud on which a dissolution of the marriage contract, when once executed, can be obtained in a court of justice. These are accidental qualities, which do not constitute the essential and material elements on which the marriage relation rests.
Seite 149 - Information, a magazine published by the Division of Venereal Diseases of the United States Public Health Service.
Seite 116 - Information and application blanks may be obtained from the United States Civil Service Commission, Washington, DC, or from the secretary of the United States Civil Service Board at the post office or custom house in any of 3,000 cities.
Seite 175 - The doctrine of irresponsibility for a crime committed by a person who had sufficient mental capacity to comprehend the nature and quality of his act and to know that it was wrong, on the ground that he had not the power to control his actions, is not the law of this State. Walker v. People, 88 NY 86; 1 NY Cr.
Seite 57 - An infant in ventre sa mere, or in the mother's womb, is supposed in law to be born for many purposes. It is capable of having a legacy, or a surrender of a copyhold estate, made to it. It may have a guardian assigned to it ; (q) and it is enabled to have an estate limited to its use, and to take afterwards by such limitation as if it were then actually born.

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