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Seite 4 - The consideration of such other scientific and economic questions as in the judgment of the commissioners shall be deemed of value to the people of the State.
Seite 4 - An examination of the physical features of the State with reference to their practical bearing upon the occupations of the people.
Seite 163 - In the manufacture of glass, of which there is an immense quantity made- in Pittsburg, I am informed that gas is worth much more than the cost of coal and its handling, because it improves the quality of the product. One firm in Pittsburg is already making plate glass of the largest size, equal to the best imported French glass, and is enabled to do so by this fuel.
Seite 4 - The said Commissioners shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.
Seite 68 - ... and as before mark a point in the new direction ; then the middle point between the two marks, with the point under the instrument, will define on the ground the trace of the vertical plane through Polaris at its eastern or western elongation, as the case may be. 7. By daylight lay off to the east or west, as the case may require, the proper azimuth taken from the table No. XVI; the instrument will then define the true meridian, which may be permanently marked by monuments for future reference.
Seite 164 - ... anticlinals if the dip be somewhat rapid and irregular, rather large gas wells may occasionally be found, if all other conditions are favorable. " The reason why natural gas should collect under the arches of the rocks is sufficiently plain, from a consideration of k
Seite 129 - ... of Old Virginia. It was not until 1806, that the brothers, David and Joseph Ruffner, set to work to ascertain the source of the salt water, to procure, if possible, a larger supply and of better quality, and to prepare to manufacture salt on a scale commensurate with the growing wants of the country. The Salt Lick, or "The Great Buffalo Lick...
Seite 130 - 'gum. ' ' This gum was set upright on the spot s.elected for sinking, the large end down, and held in its perpendicular position by props or braces, on the four sides. A platform upon which two men could stand, was fixed about the top ; then a swape erected, having its fulcrum in a forked post set in the ground close by.
Seite 139 - Scneka oil,' and besides is subject to such tremendous explosions of gas as to force out all the water and afford nothing but gas for several days, that they make but little or no salt. Nevertheless the petroleum affords considerable profit, and is beginning to be in demand for lamps in workshops and manufactories. It affords a clear, brisk light, when burnt in this way, and will be a valuable article for lighting the street lamps in the future cities of Ohio.
Seite 131 - January, 1808, at forty feet in the rock, and fifty-eight feet from the top of the gum, were rewarded by an ample flow of strong brine for their furnace, and ceased boring. "Now was presented another difficulty; how to get the stronger brine from the bottom of the well, undiluted by the weaker brines and fresh water from above; there was no precedent here; they had to invent, contrive and construct anew. A metal tube would naturally suggest itself to them; but there were neither metal tubes, nor...

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