Daniel Deronda

W. Blackwood, 1876

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Seite 71 - With the last word Klesmer wheeled from the piano and walked away. Miss Arrowpoint coloured, and Mr. Bult observed with his usual phlegmatic stolidity, " Your pianist does not think small beer of himself." "Herr Klesmer is something more than a pianist," said Miss Arrowpoint, apologetically.
Seite 221 - Surely whoever speaks to me in the right voice, him or her I shall follow, As the water follows the moon, silently, with fluid steps, anywhere around the globe.
Seite 291 - But any one wishing to understand the effect of after-events on Deronda should know a little more of what he was at five-andtwenty than was evident in ordinary intercourse. It happened that the very vividness of his impressions had often made him the more enigmatic to his friends, and had contributed to an apparent indefiniteness in his sentiments. His early-wakened sensibility and reflectiveness had developed into a many-sided sympathy, which threatened to hinder any persistent course of action...
Seite 69 - Bult, an .esteemed party man who, rather neutral in private life, had strong opinions concerning the districts of the Niger, was much at home also in the Brazils, spoke with decision of affairs in the South Seas, was studious of his parliamentary and itinerant speeches, and had the general solidity and suffusive pinkness of a healthy Briton on the central table-land of life.
Seite 194 - That lawlessness, that casting away of all care for justification, suddenly frightened her: it ca,me to her with the shadowy array of possible calamity behind it, — calamity which had ceased to be a mere name for her; and all the infiltrated influences of disregarded religious teaching, as well...
Seite 99 - I conquered,' it has been at the end of patient practice. Genius at first is little more than a great capacity for receiving discipline. Singing and acting, like the fine dexterity of the juggler with his cups and balls, require a shaping of the organs towards a finer and finer certainty of effect. Your muscles — your whole frame — must go like a watch, true, true, true, to a hair. That is the work of spring-time, before habits have been determined.
Seite 332 - ... shop-windows he paused before was that of a second-hand book-shop, where, on a narrow table outside, the literature of the ages was represented in judicious mixture, from the immortal verse of Homer to the mortal prose of the railway novel. That the mixture was judicious was apparent from Deronda's finding in it something that he wanted — -namely, that wonderful bit of autobiography, the life of the Polish Jew, Salomon Maimon...
Seite 299 - Happy the eye which saw all these things ; but verily to hear only of them afflicts our soul. Happy the eye that saw our temple and the joy of our congregation ; but verily to hear only of them afflicts our soul.
Seite 181 - No," said Gwendolen. She could not let him go : that negative was a clutch. She seemed to herself to be, after all, only drifted towards the tremendous decision : — but drifting depends on something besides the currents, when the sails have been set beforehand.
Seite 135 - It was something vague and yet mastering, which impelled her to this action about the necklace. There is a great deal of unmapped country within us which would have to be taken into account in an explanation of our gusts and storms.

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