Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Band 17

Statistical Society of London, 1854

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Seite 156 - An Act to regulate the labour of children and young persons in the mills and factories of the United Kingdom.
Seite 16 - March, 1834) for the purposes of procuring, arranging, and publishing 'Facts calculated to illustrate the condition and prospects of society.
Seite 49 - ... the population of such towns amounted to 23 per cent, only of the enumerated population, thus showing, in a marked degree, the increasing tendency of the people to concentrate themselves in masses.
Seite 150 - ... grievously whipped and burned through the gristle of the right ear with a hot iron of the compass of an inch about, as a manifestation of his wicked life, and due punishment received for the same.
Seite 292 - I. took possession of .£200,000 of the merchants' money that had been lodged in the mint,2 and from that period the merchants kept their money in their own houses, under the care of their servants and apprentices. On the breaking out of the civil war between Charles I. and the Parliament, it became very customary for the apprentices to rob their masters, and then run away and join the army. As the merchants could now place no confidence either in the public authorities or in their own servants,...
Seite 313 - In endeavouring to remove those inconveniences, we would be governed by a regard to the spirit of the Act of 1844, and attempt only to correct its practical defects. Among the modifications that may be suggested, perhaps the following may deserve a special consideration : — That the present maximum which applies to an average of four weeks should apply to an average of twelve months ; — that all the banks who had formed agreements with the Bank of England, and whose compensation...
Seite 296 - Kingdom who after the passing of this Act shall be entitled to issue Bank Notes shall become bankrupt, or shall cease to carry on the Business of a Banker, or shall discontinue the Issue of Bank Notes, either by Agreement with the Governor and Company of the Bank of England or otherwise, it shall not be lawful for such Banker at any Time thereafter to issue any such Notes.
Seite 295 - An Act to regulate the Issue of Bank Notes, and for giving to the Governor and Company of the Bank of England certain Privileges for a limited Period.

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