Contributions to Economic Geology, 1906: Metals and nonmetals, except fuels

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Page 296 - BULLETIN 290. Preliminary report on the operations of the fuel-testing plant of the United States Geological Survey at St. Louis, Mo., 1905, by JA Holmes.
Page 462 - Newfoundland into this country during the year 1907; whilst, according to the statistics published by the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Commerce...
Page 4 - BULLETIN 9. Recent development of the producer-gas power plant in the United States, by RH Fernald.
Page 449 - A brief consideration of these points will lead at once to the conclusion that the producer-gas plant and steam plant used in these tests compare very favorably, and that any increase in efficiency in the boiler tests that might result from using a compound engine can be offset by the introduction of...
Page 531 - Geologic section along the New and Kanawha rivers in West Virginia, by MR Campbell and WC Mendenhall. Seventeenth Ann. Rept.. pt. 2. 1896. pp.
Page 522 - Rept., pt. 5, 1902, pp. 265-305. An account of the coal field embracing parts of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Ditney folio, Indiana; economic geology, by GH Ashley. Geologic Atlas US, folio 84, 1902, p. 7. Recent work in the coal field of Indiana and Illinois, by ML Fuller and GH Ashley. Bull. No. 213, 1903...
Page 450 - ... and lignites that have heretofore been regarded as practically useless. Several of the poorest grades of bituminous coals have shown remarkable efficiency in the gas producer, and lignites and peat have been used in it with great facility, thus opening the way to the introduction of cheap power into large districts that have thus far been commercially unimportant owing to lack of industrial opportunities.
Page 523 - Alabama-Georgia-Tennessee; description, by CW Hayes. Geologic Atlas US, folio 19, 1895. The southern Appalachian coal field, by CW Hayes. Twenty-second Ann. Rept., pt. 3, 1902, pp. 227-263 An account of the stratigraphy, distribution, and character of the coals of the Jelllco, Chattanooga anil Ilirmlngham districts, embracing parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama IDAHO.
Page 170 - ... sulphur or other impurities greater than 2 inches in maximum diameter and one-half inch in thickness.
Page 244 - The United States Coast and Geodetic Survey and the United States Geological Survey use the south point.) See, also, BEARING.

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