The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Band 9

Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 1880

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Seite 265 - Siam to Mandchouria. I was much struck with this, when in the island of Bali I saw Chinese traders who had adopted the costume of that country, and who could then hardly be distinguished from Malays ; and, on the other hand, I have seen natives of Java who, as far as physiognomy was concerned, would pass very well for Chinese.
Seite 441 - Member. The former and present state of the Institute with regard to the number of Members are shown in the following Table : — The following are the names of the donors to the Library during the past year : — Dr.
Seite 42 - Placed at a certain distance from a clever caster of the spear, he is bidden to catch between his arm and side every spear thrown by the man opposite to him. If he displays fear or fails to catch the spear, he is ignominiously rejected ; but if there be no flinching and the spears are 1 Schoolcraft, loc tit.
Seite 472 - They tried to make him speak, but could get nothing from him but an angry growl or snarl. He was kept for several days at the village, and a large crowd assembled every day to see him. When a grown-up person came near him, he became alarmed, and tried to steal away ; but when a child came near him, he rushed at it, with a fierce snarl like that of a dog, and tried to bite it.
Seite 3 - President, in the Chair. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed. The following presents were announced, and thanks were ordered to be returned to the respective donors for the same.
Seite 238 - Having examined the gravels of St.-Acheul, on the Somme, where M. Boucher de Perthes found his celebrated drift implements, it appeared to Dr. Dawson that, taking into account the probabilities of a different level of the land, a wooded condition of the country and greater rainfall, and a glacial filling up of the Somme valley with clay and stones subsequently cut out by running water, the gravels could scarcely be older than the Abbeville peat, and the age of this peat he estimates as perhaps less...
Seite 361 - Janni having prepared a mixture of water and the earth of a white ant's hill, said, ' Let the warriors of both sides attend. Let the assembled multitudes listen. The beginning of our feud was this. Loha Pennu said to himself, " Let there be war ;" and he forthwith entered into all weapons, so that from instruments of peace they became weapons of war ; he gave edge to the axe, and point to the arrow ; he entered into all kinds of food and drink, so that men in eating and drinking were filled with...
Seite 132 - Andamanese cranium is shown to be "as distinct as possible" from the Melanesian, and these islanders are spoken of " as representing an infantile, undeveloped or primitive form of the type from which the African Negroes on the one hand, and the Melanesians [Papuans] on the other. ..may have sprung," exactly in accordance with the views here advocated.
Seite 458 - That the thanks of the meeting be given to the President for his address, and that it be printed in the Journal of the Institute." The Scrutineers gave in their report, and the following gentlemen were declared to be duly elected to serve as Officers and Council for the year 1885 : — President.
Seite 259 - Hindoo (Aryan), the Bisharee and the Moor (Semitic), although belonging to the White race, assume the same, and even a darker hue than the true Negro. It also explains the fact that the colour of the Negro approximates in certain cases, to that of peoples belonging to the white stock who are more or less of a brown colour, or assumes a hue which exactly recalls that of the yellow races.

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