Examination papers used at the examination of candidates for appointment to the Commissariat


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Seite 6 - If two triangles have two sides of the one equal to two sides of the...
Seite 6 - ... me, and perceiving that I was weary and dejected, inquired into my situation, which I briefly explained to her; whereupon, with looks of great compassion, she took up my saddle and bridle, and told me to follow her.
Seite 13 - To divide a given straight line into two parts, so that the rectangle contained by the whole, and one of the parts, may be equal to the square of the other part.
Seite 1 - Parallelograms upon the same base and between the same parallels, are equal to one another.
Seite 3 - Elle a deux grands môles semblables à deux bras, qui s'avancent dans la mer et qui embrassent un vaste port où les vents ne peuvent entrer. Dans ce port on voit comme une forêt de mâts de navires ; et ces navires sont si nombreux, qu'à peine peut-on découvrir la mer qui les porte.
Seite 2 - Therefore, in obtuse-angled triangles, &c. QED PROP. XIII. THEOREM. In every triangle, the square of the side subtending either of the acute angles is less than the squares of the sides containing that angle, by twice the rectangle contained by either of...

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