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Seite 302 - Quarter of a mile South of the Latitude of the most Southern Part of the City of Philadelphia...
Seite 32 - IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, James W. Latta, Secretary of Internal Affairs of Pennsylvania, has hereunto set his hand and caused the seal of said department to be affixed at Harrisburg on the tenth day of August, AD, 1900; and the said Dr.
Seite 239 - Hi, p. 354. Hazard. Annais Pa., pp. 483-484, Pa. Votes of Assembly, v. 1. ABST. Mr. Penn's petition for a grant does not intrench upon Lord Baitimore's province which is bounded . . . northward, by that part of Delaware river that lyeth in the 40th degree of latitude, and so by a direct line westward through the continent.
Seite 40 - ... place, of intersection of the due north line and said curve, being the point of intersection of the three States; and 4th. The north end of the aforesaid due north line, or intersection of said line, with the east and west line of Mason and Dixon, being "a parallel of latitude fifteen English statute miles south of the most southern part of the city of Philadelphia," and the boundary of Pennsylvania and Maryland on the north.
Seite 19 - ... the possession of the Pennsylvania Historical Society and the Maryland Historical Society and such scattered papers, maps, etc., as are found in the Congressional Library, the libraries of the US Department of State and War, the US Coast and Geodetic Survey and the prominent libraries in the cities of the eastern States. Mr. Burchard when librarian of the Survey was detailed to this study in 1898 through the courtesy of the Superintendent of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey and much work was...
Seite 302 - To the Right Honorable the Lords of the Committee of His Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Council for Plantation Affairs. My Lords, Your Lordships having been pleased by your Order of the...
Seite 146 - Lordships humbly offered their opinion, that for avoiding further differences, the tract of land lying between the river and the eastern sea, on the one side, and Chesapeake Bay on the other, be divided into equal parts, by a line from the latitude of Cape Henlopen to the 40th degree of northern latitude...
Seite 363 - Boundaries," 1887. pp. 292-293. Hening's Statutes of Virginia, v. x, pp. 535-536. Cf. Hist. Allegheny Co., p. 73. ABST. Authorizes the governor to appoint two commissioners for extending the Mason and Dixon line. Sept. 23. Resolutions. Pennsylvania General Assembly. Ratifying the conditions annexed by the legislature of Virginia to the ratification of the boundary line as to allegiance and property rights. PUB. Pa. House of Rep., Journal, 1780, p. 519. Pa. Arch., ser. 2, v. 8, p. 570. Pa. Rept. Sec....
Seite 60 - River for fear of the Shawanes and Delaware Indians. But we prevailed upon 15 Ax Men to proceed with us; and with them we continued the Line Westward.
Seite 222 - Addressed to the High and Mighty Lords States General of the United Netherlands on the 28th July, 1649, with Secretary Van Tienhoven's Answer.

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