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“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

-Paul: Philippians 4:19.


Many professing Christians without constant reliance upon God, are almost wholly conformed to the nonChristian ways and customs of this world. They live lives very unsatisfactory to themselves and hurtful to others. Depressed with the ever-recurring discouragements and uncertainties of life in this world, they fail to perceive and experience its many real pleasures and joys. Disheartened by the prevailing doubts and dread of the future, they also fail to delight in and hope for the glorious realities of the life in the world to come.

All of this is unnecessary and ought not to be. The Lord God is most gracious and ready to benefit in every way all that come to Him in the name of Jesus Christ with true desire and belief.

It is an amazing fact, beyond dispute, that the Lord God has made unlimited provisions for all of Man's needs for his body and for his soul; for time and for eternity.

All of these provisions are available to Man without price, if sought for according to the all-gracious will of the Lord God, clearly and definitely expressed in His Holy Word, the Bible.

With constant prayer to God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and with trustful reliance upon the Holy Spirit, I have endeavored in this volume to demonstrate the absolute certainty of this most significant and allglorious fact.

To this end, I have made use of positive, clear, and absolutely certain proofs from nature and from revelation; both of which corroborate each other's testimony in many particulars upon this all-important subject.

As all Christian people are well acquainted with the abundant provisions of the Creator for the needs of their bodies, but not so well acquainted with His boundless provisions for the needs of their souls, I have made much and frequent use of the Hebrew revelation, the Bible, the Word of God, which demonstrates beyond question the unlimited provisions of the Creator for all the needs of Man-for body and soul; for time and eternity.

I have endeavored to discuss this wonderful and comprehensive subject in the language and style of the common people and with heartfelt emphasis, that they might not only understand it, but also appreciate its very great importance.

I have also endeavored to arrange all of its subject matter in such a manner that it might be readily and intelligently used by uneducated fathers and mothers with their children; by ordinary untrained young men and young women with their fellow young men and young women; and indeed, by persons from almost all classes of the common people for their own kind of the common people, in leading them to the Lord Jesus Christ for personal salvation and into the Kingdom of God, wherein they will realize the promised unlimited and all-satisfying provisions of the Lord God for all of their needs in time and in eternity.

And lastly, I have endeavored to outline a service for all true Christians, by which the Kingdom of God could be much more efficiently and successfully advanced in this world, than it is at present.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless the use of this volume in the extension of His Kingdom on the earth.


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