A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in All Parts of the World: Many of which are Now First Translated Into English ; Digested on a New Plan, Band 7

John Pinkerton
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme ... and Cadell and Davies, 1811

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Seite 30 - And with him they crucify two thieves, the one on his right hand, and the other on his left. And the scripture was fulfilled, which saith, And he was numbered with the transgressors.
Seite 405 - I could not but admire the beauty of these fine birds. Many of them were as white as doves, having one or two black feathers in their wings or tails. They are brought from Siberia, or places to the north of the river Amoor.
Seite 367 - Mongalls never accounted it worth cultJvating, but that the world is obliged to the marmots for the quantities fcattered at random in many parts of this country ; for whatever part of the ripe feed happens to be blown among the thick grafs can very feldom reach the ground, but muft there wither and die ; whereas...
Seite 401 - About five of the clock a fignal was given for beginning to play off the fireworks, by a rocket let fly from the gallery where the Emperor fat } and, in the fpace of a few minutes, many thoufand lanterns were lighted.
Seite 324 - Volga, and fleered his courfe. up the river Kama, at that time little frequented by the Ruffians, or any other nation ; here he hoped to find, at leaft, a fafe retreat during the winter. Yarmak...
Seite 333 - ... with his bow and arrows, and little dog, till the animal is quite fatigued : for, the fnow on the furface being melted by the heat of the fun> and congealed at night by the froft, but not ftrong enough to bear the weight of fuch an animal, he finks deep at every ftep, and the lharp ice cuts his ancles and lames him, fo that he becomes an eafy prey to the hunter.
Seite 332 - ... upon which all the family fit by day, and fleep in the night. The walls are built of wood and mofs, confifting of large beams, laid one above another, . with a layer of mofs between, every two beams. All the roofs are raifed. A...
Seite 341 - worfhip the fun and moon, there are many exceptions to this obfervation. I have found intelligent people among them, who believed there was a being fuperior to both fun and moon, and who created them and all the world.
Seite 29 - Hence it is that the court of a rich Tartar will appear like a very large village, few men being to be seen therein. One woman will guide twenty or thirty carts at once, for their country is very flat, and they fasten the carts with camels or oxen one behind another. A...
Seite 495 - ... in courts of judicature. On taking the petition, the perfon was told to come next day to the fenate, where the affair was immediately examined, and determined, if the nature of it would admit its being done in fo' fhort a time. It will naturally follow, that fuch free accefs to his perfon was not only productive of great relief to many poor widows and orphans, but alfo a ftrong check upon judges ; and tended very much to prevent any fort of influence prevailing on them to pronounce unjuft fentences,...

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